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    “I facilitate lessons that are driven by a student’s curiosity and discovery. There is nothing to gain in telling a student a correct answer; they must discover it themselves. My supportive, prompting approach to tutoring coaxes the answers out of my students making them feel like they are developing their mind every step of the way. This not only means the student increases their knowledge and understanding it also instils a desire to learn more as well as making the process fun and rewarding.” ~ Philip


    • BA Drama, LAMDA
    • BA English Literature, Manchester University
    • Tutors English, Drama, Shakespeare
    • Attended private and state school
    • GCSE: A and A* grades
    • AAAAA at AS Level
    • AAAB at A Level
    • Essay, letter, script-writing skills
    • Taught Drama & English in Uganda
    • Runs Shakespeare theatre workshops
    • Leads confidence-building sessions
    • Enjoys current affairs, theatre, sport


    “Phil relates well to young people and is always able to quickly find a good rapport with students and he is acutely aware of a range of abilities and can adapt his teaching and presenting style accordingly. He has worked with children with special needs as well as primary children and with more mature students Philip demonstrates an inquiring intellect and can make discussions lively, interesting and challenging when necessary.” ~ Michael Woodwood, previous employer

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