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    “For an introduction to a subject, students need case studies, real world examples and exciting brain-teasers. For better essay writing skills, students need to understand how to structure an argument that they can easily develop by watching debates and seeing examples. For top exam results, students need to be guided through numerous past papers to develop their own, targeted exam technique. To achieve academic excellence, students need to bring their own questions and research topics to the table and challenge their tutors. Good tutoring is about much more than the easily measurable outcomes (grades); it is about providing a useful, analytical toolkit and a rigorous approach to problem-solving which enables life-long learning and success.” -Andras


    • Tutored 1000+ hours over 3 yrs
    • Tutored/taught in 5 countries
    • First Class BA Land Economy
    • Cambridge University
    • Crayton Scholarship
    • In the 99th percentile in secondary exams
    • Former Citibank analyst
    • Founder of e-learning educational business
    • Fluent in English & German
    • Debating & Critical Thinking specialist


    “We had a very successful month with Andras as he was able to motivate Andrzej to do his homework and his grades improved substantially as a result. He even started reading The Economist in his free time. Andras understood Andrzej’s situation very quickly and due to his easy-going and friendly style, developed a language of mutual respect and trust. Andrzej achieved a C in his AS but has managed to achieve an A with Andras’ support.”

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