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    Exam Technique

    "I provide a nurturing environment where we progress at the best pace for the individual student. I believe in bringing the learning process to life and make sure that my sessions are engaging, relaxed, but focused, full of changes in style from written work to presentations, memorisation games to in depth editing. I am constantly listening to the feedback I get from students and their families and adapt my sessions to reflect their advice.” -Tadhgh


    • 7+ years of tutoring experience
    • Exceptional success rate with UK school entrance Eg Eton, Winchester, Harrow, St Paul’s, Westminster
    • 24 successful Scholarship students at top UK schools 

    • MA History & English, Cambridge University
    • MA Acting, The Oxford School of Drama. 

    • Full Scholarship to Magdalen College School, Oxford
    • GCSEs: A*s; A Levels, AAAA
    • Test-taking Technique, Exam Tips & Revision Skills
    • An exceptional confidence-building mentor


    “If only we could have seen Tadhgh more often! Now that Luke is starting at Eton that will hopefully be easier to achieve. It was a pleasure having Tadhgh stay with us – he is the perfect guest and great dinner company, as well as good fun on a day trip! Luke needed help to realise his own strengths and weaknesses and Tadhgh was just the ticket. I have already and will continue to recommend him to my friends stateside and in Europe.” - Mother of 13+ student

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