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    “Fostering curiosity is at the heart of learning. If exams test you on the application of your thinking, then education must teach you not only the content but also train you in the process of thinking. As such, I also value alternative teaching styles and approaches, with imaginative engagements with the world; asking questions, probing for answers, and delving deeply into different matters.” ~ Sam

    • Tutored in UK, Hong Kong & Lagos
    • Tutored since 2009
    • Sevenoaks School
    • 10 A*s at GCSE; 44/45 in the IB
    • BA (First Class), Oxford University
    • MA in Geography, British Colombia
    • Father is headmaster of a Prep School
    • Taught through RGS Ambassador Scheme
    • Mentored students at Oxford University
    • Lectured at British Columbia University
    • Music Scholar (Grade 8 Trumpet & Cello)
    • Bilingual in English/French

    “Our tutor remains a breath of fresh air. We are very impressed with our daughters continued enthusiasm during and after Samuel’s session. In one week the improvements are vast. Our tutor has literally turned that room upside down, creating an atmosphere so conducive to learning. We are so pleased! He related to our daughters very well. He is firm, but approachable; he is conversational with the children and us –truly a delightful person. We wish you all the best Sam.” ~ Parent of 10 and 12 year old girls

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