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    “Having studied both Mathematics and Music at university, I’m forever experiencing people’s surprise that the two go together. Yet to me it’s clear that success in the rapidly-changing modern world hinges on an ability to think with both left and right brain, and that logical reasoning should be developed in tandem with creativity. In maths an understanding of the laws and various methods is paramount, but that alone is not enough for the top grades - in order to solve more complex problems a certain creativity is required.” ~Alex


    • Tutored in UK since 2012
    • Practicing freelance musician
    • Session musician/writer, The Old Vic
    • Worcester King’s School
    • 10 GCSEs (5xA*, 4xA, 1xB)
    • AAAC at A Level
    • BSc Maths and Music (2.1), Edinburgh
    • Taught 9-18 year olds
    • 11+ preparation (St Pauls, Kings et al)
    • Exam technique & time management
    • Offers individualised study techniques


    “When Alex Lindner started tutoring for us, my son was getting on course for a C at GCSE or a B at best. With Alex's patient but methodical tuition, he ended up with a comfortable A and of course we were absolutely delighted. His friendly and approachable teaching style meant my son really enjoyed his sessions, and they helped him see everything so much more clearly. “ ~ Parent of GCSE student

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