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    “My time at Oxford taught me about the importance of teaching my students to have a critical mind and to think intelligently about things. I passionately believe that the current educational system focuses too narrowly on rote-learning and hoop-jumping as opposed to teaching students how to think independently and write well. Mastering the ability to think critically, break down a text and write both clearly and logically are the most basic skills any student will learn and will guarantee exam success throughout their academic careers.” ~ Sirin


    • King’s School, Canterbury
    • AAAA at A Level
    • BA English (1st), Oxford University
    • MA Int Relations (1st), King’s College
    • Worked on a yacht in the Caribbean
    • Oxbridge preparation specialist
    • Taught at a primary school
    • 13+ preparation & Scholarships
    • Work experience as:
    • FTSE-100 companies: Political consultant
    • 2015 UK General Election campaign
    • Houses of Parliament: Research assistant


    “Sirin's a passionate, enthusiastic tutor who's helped both my son Alex and daughter Ellie over a number of years. She's always willing to go the extra mile, for example answering questions over email or checking over coursework. Alex always says she's the reason he got a A* in his GCSE, he didn't like the subject before! She's a good friend of the family and such an asset to any pupil. I would very happily recommend her, she's a Star!” ~ Mother of GCSE student

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