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    “I am renowned for my ability to build strong working relationships with children and have a proven track record of students achieving huge academic improvements, top examination results and overall academic targets. I have developed multisensory revision techniques whilst working with some of the UKs leading educational psychologists and dyslexia experts, with outstanding results.” ~ Paula


    • Tutored in UK, Switzerland, Hong Kong
    • Full time tutor since 2008
    • Full time home-schooling experience
    • BSc in Psychology (2.1)
    • Assistant Child Psychologist experience
    • SEN specialist:
    • ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia et al
    • Offers multi-sensory revision skills
    • Top UK independent school prep
    • Refines executive functioning skills
    • Founded a Creative Writing course
    • Volunteered at Kids Company
    • 16 year old student needing study skills support
    • Enjoys skiing, art, cookery, music


    “The months leading up to my GCSE's were stressful to say the least. However, they were nothing compared to what they inevitably would have been had I not been blessed by the saintly tutor that is Paula. Heading into my exams, although I felt prepared, I expected a few As and some B's. I came out with 10 As and 2 A's. Paula's methods (making plays, posters, songs, videos and cartoons) were for me the deal breaker, and they helped me to turn revising my nightmare subjects into a fun event that I actually didn't dread. I think Paula's biggest asset is that she helped me to feel like I was in control of all of my subjects, rather than being drowned in them like I was before she tutored me. A massive thank you to Paula for all her help and I would recommend her in the blink of an eye, definitely booking her for my A levels!”

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