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    Our Tutors

    At Bespoke Tuition, we believe that the key ingredient to successful tutoring is a well-matched tutor. Students who respect and relate to their tutors will naturally want to do well and impress. Time is taken to ensure a good fit and families are sent profiles of suitable candidates to review before they make their selection.

    "Challenging yet achievable targets are set by our tutors in line with personal goals and needs. Alongside achievement in exams, our end goal is to equip students with the skills required for a lifetime of learning."

    The tutors chosen to be part of the exclusive Bespoke Tuition team passionately believe in the enjoyment of learning and in providing balanced, enriching tuition. Study skills are developed alongside other academic objectives to ensure the tuition has long-term impact. Rather than create a dependence on a tutor, our approach is centred on arming students with the unique tools they need to flourish independently without the need for external support. Our tutors view building confidence and developing core study skills at the heart of successful tutoring.

    Key facts

    • Our core team consists of 30-50 top quality tutors
    • We additionally have over 500 part time tutors
    • Over 75% of our team attended Oxbridge
    • Most have a minimum of 3 years teaching experience
    • All have achieved a 2.1 or First Class degree
    • Most attained Academic Scholarships or Awards
    • Most hold a Masters, PhD or PGCE
    • All are CRB/DBS checked and qualifications vetted
    • All have been selected via in-person interview

    The Bespoke Tuition philosophy

    "Our mantra at Bespoke Tuition lies far from drills and rote learning. We focus on the enjoyment of education, nurturing curiosity and skill-building which delivers long term impact. We believe responsible, well balanced tutoring is not about spoon-feeding or creating a dependence on a tutor. It involves drawing out imaginations, questioning the world, building independence of thought and giving children the tools and prompts to capitalise on the way they think."

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