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    Established in 2010, Bespoke Tuition offers customised one-to-one (or small group) home tutoring solutions for students, by the hour, by the week or full time, both in London and internationally. You will deal with one consultant only throughout the process who understands your family and your needs. With a 500+ database, the core team consists of around 50 handpicked tutors who are carefully matched to suit a student’s unique objectives and personality. All tutors have been selected via in-person interview and specialise in specific ages, levels and study techniques. Every school and university subject is covered as well as key study and life skills including exam technique, time management, public speaking and critical thinking. All tuition is home-based. We supply hourly tutors in London and Hong Kong as well as residential ‘live-in’ tutors who can travel with families. Previous destinations have included Dubai, Bali, The Hamptons, Singapore, Verbier, Quebec, Florida, Lagos, Abu Dhabi, Jordan and India, amongst others.


    “I thought your service was impeccable and wouldn't hesitate to recommend you or Paula who was very good with Jess and 100% the right fit.”
    “Your support has been invaluable. You are an excellent group of people”
    “You are the friendliest and most helpful agency in London! Bespoke Tuition is simply a cut above the rest."
    "Bespoke Tuition achieved the perfect match between my needs and the tutor profile. They turned the concept of home-tutoring from a scary idea to a very realistic, do-able and rewarding possibility."
    "A very professional and personal service for finding a tutor. Extremely helpful and understanding, I trust their judgement!"
    "Emma was always a calming influence and very positive throughout her search and totally 'got me' and my needs."
    "We have been using Bespoke’s services for 6 months now and my son is making unprecedented progress."


    Our fees are inclusive of the tutors’ pay, VAT where applicable, and agency commission. All rates are dependent on a tutor's experience, qualifications and the challenge/location of the assignment. A bespoke quote will be provided on any tutor profile we send to you for your review. Cancellations for hourly tuition with less than 24 hours notice will be charged.

    UK Hong Kong Worldwide/Residential
    Registration: Payable after trial £50 $720 NA
    Hourly Tuition £45+ $670+ NA
    *Residential Tuition (per week) £1100+ $11000+ £1100+
    Educational Consultancy (per hour) £100+ $1000 HKD+ £100+

    Our Difference

    Our educational philosophy at Bespoke Tuition lies far from drills and rote learning. We focus on the enjoyment of education, nurturing curiosity and skill-building which delivers long term impact. We believe responsible, well balanced tutoring is not about spoon-feeding nor creating a dependence on a Tutor. It involves drawing out imaginations, questioning the world, building independence of thought and giving children the tools and prompts to capitalise on the way they think. We hand-pick tutors who can inspire, motivate and make learning fun, whilst maintaining a boundary of respect, in the belief that we learn best from those whom we admire and seek to impress. Bespoke Tuition is not merely an introductory service; our goal is to develop close relationships with families on a long term basis and provide customised tuition support to students throughout their academic journeys. Our Tutors can be provided by the hour, by the week or full time and you will deal with one consultant only throughout the process who understands your family and needs.


    Each tutoring solution is unique and entirely customised around the student.


    We meet all of our Tutors and many Clients in person.


    You will liaise with one point of contact only from start to finish.


    Virtually all of our marketing is done via word of mouth on a recommendation basis.


    We personally match a Tutor with a student to ensure a good fit.


    We can frequently confirm a Tutor within a 24 hour period.


    We can provide full time Tutors to travel to your family anywhere, anytime.


    Our Tutors arm students with the tools/strategies to excel independently.


    Tuition should be enriching, confidence-building and have long-term impact.


    From coffee catch-ups to resources, our Tutors are well supported.


    Many of our Tutors are also experienced at offering mentorship.


    All Tutors follow our code of conduct and have training opportunities.


    Bespoke Tuition is a Corporate Member of "The Tutors' Association".

    Our Team


    Managing Director & Founder

    Bespoke Tuition was founded in 2010 by Emma Storey (BSc Natural Sciences, Durham University), previously a full time private tutor in London, Hong Kong, France, Monaco & Switzerland. Emma has delivered hourly tuition, residential tuition and home-schooling to students preparing for entrance to top UK and US schools via 11+, 13+ and SSAT exams. Having been a tutor, education consultant and parent of two children, she understands the importance of a well matched tutor. Having grown the business organically, she now acts as an agent for her exclusive hand-picked team of academic tutors, mentors and academic consultants. Contact Emma on +44 (0)207 3856795 or email info@bespoketuition.com.
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    Nursery & Early Years Admissions Consultant

    Based in Chelsea, Marina has an unrivalled knowledge of the London Day School system, with particular expertise in Early Years through to Preparatory education. She has experienced first-hand the challenge of relocating with her own family to the UK and has been working with children for over 20 years predominantly in London. With a broad range of professional teaching experience from Nursery to Preparatory School, Marina's strong association with Head teachers of schools across London provides her with the insight and knowledge essential to the successful placement of your child. Contact Marina on +44 (0)207 3856795 or email info@bespoketuition.com.
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    UK School Admissions Consultant

    Involved in British independent education all of his life: as pupil, teacher, housemaster of a top UK independent school and consultant, Niall's “behind the scenes” knowledge give him the expertise to confidently guide parents in making the right school choices for their children. Niall's friendly relationships with headmasters and admissions staff across the UK help him to secure places for students at even the most sought after schools. Niall regularly travels between London and Hong Kong, so he can also support families in Hong Kong, conducting the UKiset test to see where pupils measure against their peer group in the UK. Contact Niall on +44 (0)207 3856795 or email info@bespoketuition.com.
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    HK School Admissions Consultant

    Ruth has over 25 years’ experience in the education system in the UK and Hong Kong. She has the advantage of many years in different areas of education – as a teacher, a teacher-trainer, a parent and now consultant. Ruth writes and speaks for local HK media about private and international schools for parents, corporations and other groups. She is a frequent contributor to local media, including the SCMP, and generally regarded as the go-to expert on this topic. Originally from the UK, Ruth has resided in Hong Kong for over 25 years and is the mother of two children; one at international school in Hong Kong and other at boarding school in the UK. Contact Ruth on +44 (0)207 3856795 or email info@bespoketuition.com.
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    UK University Admissions Consultant

    Lisa, BA, MA, PhD, is an experienced education consultant and analyst, who writes regularly about the UK education system in the national press. She holds a PhD in Education from the UCL Institute of Education, the world’s leading centre for education research. Lisa has two sons, who have attended leading universities in the UK at both undergraduate and post-graduate level. She focuses on giving bespoke advice to applicants to UK universities at foundation, undergraduate and post-graduate level, offering a service tailored to individual needs. She also offers a stand-alone Personal Statement service to help applicants ensure their application stands out in a competitive field. Contact Lisa on +44 (0)207 3856795 or email info@bespoketuition.com.
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    USA Test Prep Specialist

    A Yale graduate (BA Humanities), Laurent has delivered 17000+ hours of online SAT/ACT over the last 15 years. Laurent specialises in USA standardised test preparation (SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, AP Exams), for which he has written course curricula and USA admissions. He has successfully guided multiple students towards the colleges of their choice: Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Duke, Stanford, NYU, Columbia, Brown, UC Berkeley, and other elite US colleges and universities. Contact Laurent on +44 (0)207 3856795 or email info@bespoketuition.com.

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    USA College Counsellor

    Sarah (BA, MA) graduated from Harvard in 2008, where she concentrated in Classics with a Secondary Field in Dramatic. Having lived in New York until May 2019, she moved back to London, having spent 3 years working as an expert-level tutor at Tutor Associates, one of New York’s premier tutoring companies. As a US college advisor, she now enjoys learning about students’ interests and helping them to express the best versions of themselves in their essays, applications and interviews. Contact Sarah on +44 (0)207 3856795 or email info@bespoketuition.com.
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    Oxbridge Admissions Specialist

    Having studied in Asia, the UK and the USA, Jennifer (BA) scored 45/45 in the IB before attaining a Scholarship to study Social & Political Sciences at Cambridge University. She now guides secondary students on all facets of the Oxbridge admissions process from course and college selection to navigating the admissions tests and preparing for interview. Jen helps students to surpass their potential by learning to think like an Oxbridge graduate, offering insider tips and tricks, further reading and tailored support. Contact Jennifer on +44 (0)207 3856795 or email info@bespoketuition.com.

    Oxbridge Admissions Course
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    Travelling Tutors Specialist

    Since 2015, Bespoke Tuition has assigned Amy (BA) on overseas, home-schooling and residential tuition assignments in Asia, Europe, USA and the Middle East. Our Travelilng Tutors Specialist, Amy advises our families on the extraordinary benefits of engaging an exclusive, on-site role model on trips away. An academic scholar at Alleyn’s, Amy has an infectious enthusiasm and positivity which has inspired countless students. A natural-born educator and mentor, Amy has a rare gift for finding ways to motivate young people and draw out their potential. Contact Amy on +44 (0)207 3856795.
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    Study Skills Specialist

    A full time tutor since 2009, Paula (BSc) originally trained in Child Psychology and is now a qualified Academic Coach, targeting the development of Executive Functioning skills, helping children to take control of the learning process and improve their organisation, time management, workload prioritisation and day-to-day effectiveness of their studies. Paula offers a free 30 minute telephone consultation to explain the content of her bespoke programme further. Contact Paula on +44 (0)207 3856795 or email info@bespoketuition.com.
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    Critical Thinking Specialist

    Samuel (BA, MA) has worked as a private tutor in the UK and overseas with Bespoke Tuition since 2013. An expert in Critical Thinking, Samuel has been taught by and interacted with elite, international educators throughout his life (IB at Sevenoaks, BA First Oxford University, MA Scholar British Colombia). He believes that the IB with its broad foundational basis stood him in good stead for the Oxford tutorial system, which demands not only analytical abilities & intellectual insight, but also a spirit of creativity and imaginative connections. Contact Samuel on +44 (0)207 3856795 or email info@bespoketuition.com.
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    Writing Club Leader

    A writer, editor, emerging screenwriter (Independent Talent) and tutor, one of Rosalind’s main passions in life is the art of communication. Having attained a First Class Honours in Theatre, Film and Television from Bristol University and a certificate of excellence from the NFTS in Screenwriting, she has worked professionally as a producer and in scripted development for TV and Film. Rosalind has hosted Creative Writing & Screenwriting workshops for both children and adults and now hosts our inspiring Writing Clubs. Contact Rosalind on +44 (0)207 3856795 or email info@bespoketuition.com.

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    Shakespeare Workshop Leader

    Anwen's practical Shakespeare Workshops are designed to be interactive, accessible, thought-provoking and fun. They give young people the opportunity to experience Shakespeare's text physically, vocally and emotionally. Her workshops, customised to all ages, demystify Shakespeare and aim to show that his plays are as accessible now as they were four hundred years ago. As such, the bard's work becomes easy to understand, enjoyable, relevant and above all else, fun! Contact Anwen on +44 (0)207 3856795 or email info@bespoketuition.com.

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    Book & Poetry Club Leader

    Ella (MA) studied English Literature at Oxford University and has both tutored privately and taught within schools, such as Eton College, since 2013. A Royal Court young Writer Graduate with creative flair, Ella is passionate about getting students motivated with reading, writing and poetry. Her areas of academic expertise include Shakespeare comprehension and performance, modern poetry, including Emily Dickinson, modernist texts including James Joyce, 21st century writers including David Foster Wallace and drama including Bouffon and French Vaudeville. Contact Ella on +44 (0)207 3856795 or email info@bespoketuition.com.

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    Debate Club Leader

    With a BA, Mst and MPhil from Yale, Oxford & Cambridge Universities, Max is a highly accomplished academic who has spent 2 years tutoring Yale undergraduates. He also spent 1 year supervising Trinity College, Cambridge undergraduates and has since offered private tuition both in person and online. Leader of our Debate Club, Max helps each individual student find their individual narrative and confidence. Whether your child enjoys discussing current affairs over the dinner table, needs a confidence boost with public speaking or would like to refine how they present arguments and build general knowledge, Max will tailor his stimulating programmes accordingly. Contact Max on +44 (0)207 3856795 or email info@bespoketuition.com.
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    Accounts Manager

    Sarah (BA Hons) is our Accounts Manager, Tutor and Assistant covering all manner of administrative tasks. With a Languages degree from Cambridge University degree and many years' teaching and tutoring experience as well as a business background, Sarah is your go-to person for many day-to-day Bespoke matters. She plays a key role in keeping all the cogs turning, and is a busy mum of three small children behind the scenes. All in all, an invaluable member of our team! Contact Sarah on +44 (0)207 3856795 or email accounts@bespoketuition.com.
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    Mindfulness & Careers Specialist

    A UK Qualified Teacher with a First Class MA in Engineering, Ed has taught Maths, Engineering and DT in schools since 2008, winning a National Award ‘Teach First Garnet Award’ for Excellence in STEM subjects. With training in Careers Advice and Mindfulness and a keen interest in the psychology behind learning and memory, Ed has created Careers Education programmes as well as Revision & Resilience courses. He is also qualified to teach Mindfulness through the ‘Mindfulness in Schools’ project and trained with City and Hackney Mind to deliver 8-week programmes to pupils in London. Contact Ed on +44 (0)207 3856795 or email info@bespoketuition.com.
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    Speech & Language Therapist

    As a qualified Speech and Language Therapist, Eliza supports students both privately and for the NHS, with extensive experience of SEN. With a BSc in Psychology and a PgDip in Speech and Language therapy, she is now registered with the Health and Care professions Council, Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and Association of Independent Speech and Language Therapists. Since 2010, Eliza has used creative measures to inspire and motivate her students in order to develop their speaking confidence and academic progress. Contact Eliza on +44 (0)207 3856795 or email info@bespoketuition.com.
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