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At Bespoke Tuition, we believe that the key ingredient to successful tutoring is a well-matched tutor. Students who respect and relate to their tutors will naturally want to do well and impress. Time is taken to ensure a good fit and families are sent profiles of suitable candidates to review before they make their selection.

“Challenging yet achievable targets are set by our tutors in line with personal goals and needs. Alongside achievement in exams, our end goal is to equip students with the skills required for a lifetime of learning.”

The exclusive team of tutors chosen to represent Bespoke Tuition passionately believe in the enjoyment of learning and in providing balanced, enriching tuition. Study skills are developed alongside other academic objectives to ensure the tuition has long-term impact. Rather than create a dependence on a tutor, our approach is centred on arming students with the unique tools they need to flourish independently without the need for external support. Our tutors view building confidence and developing core study skills at the heart of successful tutoring. Whilst the majority of our team attended Oxford or Cambridge University, all have been selected for their exceptional communication skills, engaging manner and ability to simplify concepts.

Key Facts

  • Professional tutors apply on a daily basis
  • Bespoke Tuition interviews 15% of applicants
  • Only 5% of those interviewed in person are selected
  • The average age of our Tutors is 26 years old
  • Our core team consists of 30-50 Career Tutors
  • We additionally have over 500 part time Tutors
  • Most hold a Masters, PhD or PGCE (QTS)
  • Over 75% of our team attended Oxbridge
  • The majority have attained Scholarships/Awards
  • Teaching experience usually ranges from 3-10 yrs
  • All Tutors hold Enhanced DBS checks
  • All Tutors have been Qualification checked
  • All Tutors are chosen via in-person interview & tests

With a 500+ tutor database, the core team consists of around 50 handpicked tutors who are carefully matched to suit a student’s unique objectives, learning style, personality & interests. We select inspiring tutors and mentors who can stimulate interest in a subject and motivate young people to achieve more than they think possible. Our students learn from our non-judgemental, energetic and personable tutors that it is ok to fail and that resilience is the key to bouncing back. We aim to exceed parent’s expectations, schoolteacher’s expectations but most importantly, students’ own expectations of themselves.


Our Tutors

Use the filter below to browse a sample selection of our tutors by subject. Click on a tutor’s profile to request availability. Bespoke searches across our full team are available upon request.

Striking the Right Balance

Our Tutors aim to challenge pupils and expect 100% effort, whilst engaging with them in a supportive, positive and motivating way that minimises mental pressures. We believe that interest is everything; talent is secondary and will naturally follow if children are inspired by a stimulating educator whom they admire, so we place great emphasis on finding the ‘right fit’ of Tutor. Our Tutors are anti-perfection and pro-excellence, carefully monitoring their own input so as to know when to take a step back and allow children to flourish independently. Skill-building is incorporated into every tutorial to ensure children walk away with individualised strategies and tools to support a lifetime of effective learning. Whilst we are happy to support children for several years, we are careful to avoid fostering a dependence on a Tutor, nurturing a sense of independent responsibility in each student. All tutors have been exclusively hand-picked with engaging and fun communication styles. This is truly tailored tutoring supporting all ages. Students walk away brimming with confidence and a personalised learning toolkit alongside better grades.

What to Expect

Tutor Profile

When a client makes an enquiry, we send one or more well-matched tutor profiles for a family to review. Each profile contains detailed information on the tutor including a photo, education, subjects/levels/skills taught, case studies of previous assignments, testimonials from other parents who have hired the tutor, personal interests and a private message written by the tutor.

Download Example Profile
Bela, Tutor

“As a self-employed tutor I work with numerous agencies and I have to say Bespoke is one of the best out there. They are a thorough company that really do go above and beyond for both clients and employees.”

Bela, Tutor

Google review

Dan, Tutor

“It’s been a privilege to work with Bespoke Tuition as an academic tutor; Emma is incredibly efficient, understanding and a general pleasure to work with. I always feel that the students I work with are perfectly matched to my skills and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a tutor for Bespoke Tuition so far.”

Dan, Tutor

Linkedin Review

Paula, Tutor

“Undoubtedly my favourite agency to work for.”

Paula, Tutor

Good Schools Guide review 2021

Nikoletta, Tutor

“Emma runs her business with care, transparency and professionalism. Always attentive to her clients & tutors’ needs, fair in her judgement, flexible and reliable, Emma is extraordinary in the tuition agency industry.”

Nikoletta, Tutor

Facebook review

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