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    7+ 8+ 11+ Prep

    • Courses have been running since 2014
    • Location: Hammersmith, London (or online)
    • Content: English, Maths, Reasoning
    • Hours: 10-4pm with multiple breaks
    • Group size: up to 10
    • Dates: 4 courses per year in each category: Easter holidays, May bank holiday, Summer holidays (July), October half term

    7+ and 8+

    • Duration: 1 week
    • Fee: £975 plus VAT


    • Duration: 2 days (English or Maths)
    • Fee: £390 plus VAT


    • Duration: 1 day (English or Maths)
    • Fee: £295 plus VAT
    • Dates: 1 Saturday per month from April onwards

    To get new course alerts, email: info@bespoketuition.com or call +44 207 3856795 or whatsapp +44 7732 371880

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    Key benefits

    These UK school entrance preparation courses cover material that fits the appropriate stage of revision and development for students preparing for pre-test and main assessment examinations for specific schools. Each course covers key content (examples: comprehension technique, story-writing, consolidation of key maths topics) as well as skill-building and test-taking strategies (examples: problem-solving skills, handling nerves, exam technique, time management, non-verbal and verbal reasoning tips). Most courses also include an interview workshop and mock exams which are marked by specialist tutors with written feedback subsequently provided to parents.

    “These courses are a great idea for both parents and children. The detailed feedback report provided us with invaluable insight into our daughter’s level and performance so we could help her prepare in a more efficient and focused manner.”

    ~ Steven, father of 11+ candidate


    Book Club

    "There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island." ~ Walt Disney

    • Year group suitability: Primary & Secondary
    • Course type: Online
    • Course duration: Once weekly
    • Dates: Termtimes & Holidays
    • Group min/max: 2-6
    • Cost: from GBP £30/hr
    • Email to book: info@bespoketuition.com


    "Erika is not an avid reader to say the least, and she still insisted on continuing tutoring sessions during the summer and even while we were on vacation." ~ Kelli N, mother of 14 year old

    More info

    Our Online Book Club groups are organised by age, level and objectives. Students will share, discuss and analyse ideas, themes, plots and characters. Recommended reading lists will be curated to suit a student’s individual interests or curriculum texts can be followed. Reluctant readers will be inspired to discover their inner bookworm and those with a natural flair can develop their reading repertoire, or nurture a specific interest area. Our course leaders range from Early Years School Teachers to A Level English examiners and published Children’s’ Book Authors. All hold degrees from top UK universities (most have a PGCE) and an average of 5 years tutoring experience.

    ”Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” ~ Jim Rohn

    To book, email info@bespoketuition.com, or call +44 (0)207 3856795 or whatsapp: +44 7732371880


    Creative Writing 11-14

    Led by English Literature, Oxford University graduate & tutor, Ella, these Creative Writing workshops are aimed at 11-14 year old students. The aim of this course is to encourage young people to write poems, descriptive prose and to get into the habit of practising creative writing from a set stimulus.

    • Age: 11-14
    • Duration: 2 hours
    • Frequency: 5 sessions
    • Group min/max: 1-5

    This workshop can be adapted as a 2 hour workshop, a weekly series over 10 weeks of term or a 5 day intensive over half terms/holidays.

    Areas covered include imagery, writing from nouns, abstract concepts, senses & metaphors and using personification.

    More info

    Session 1 – Pictures: Scenery and the elements.
    Metaphors, similes, alliteration, rhyme and repetition

    Session 2- Writing from nouns. Nouns offered as a stimulus to describe objects

    Session 3- Abstract concepts. Introduction to imagery

    Session 4- Senses and metaphors How to write in ways that bring the senses alive

    Session 5- Using personification Personification and a fun final session

    By the end of the course, students will have created a detailed piece of writing, bringing their own room alive with personified objects. The course concludes with summarising the techniques learnt together and by creating a group poem.

    Contact Ella on +44 (0)207 3856795 or email info@bespoketuition.com


    Creative Writing 16+

    Led by Drama (University of Bristol) and National Film and Television School graduate Rosalind, this course is for those with a passion to develop their own creative writing and unique writer's voice. Students will study Joseph Campbell's 'The Hero's Journey' and create a short story of their own which will be workshopped in the group.


    • Year group suitability: 16+
    • Course type: Online
    • Course duration: Weekly/Short Courses
    • Date: Weekends/Half-term/Holidays
    • Group min/max: 1-8

    Contact Rosalind on +44 (0)207 3856795 or email info@bespoketuition.com

    More info


    • The 12 stages of 'The Hero's Journey' by Joseph Campbell
    • Developing a protagonist/main character
    • Story Structure and Plot
    • Narrative Voice and Perspective
    • Description and Dialogue
    • Exploring and enhancing your unique writer's voice


    This course will give students a solid foundation in Joseph Campbell's famous 12 stages of story outlined in The Hero's Journey. Students will gain tools and narrative techniques to develop strong character driven stories, culminating in mapping and writing their own short story. Combining both the craft of writing and narrative techniques with exercises for students to explore and find their own writer's voice, students will write an original story to share with the group, receive feedback and guidance on editing.


    Poetry Course 14-18

    Led by English Literature, Oxford University graduate & tutor, Ella, these Poetry workshops are aimed at 14-16 year old students and 16-18 year old students, studying English Literature and Language. Students will enhance their core skills of poetry analysis and creative writing.

    Age: 14-16 or 16-18 years Duration: 1.5 hours Frequency: one-off or weekly series Group min/max: 1-5 This workshop can be adapted as a 2 hour workshop, a weekly series over 10 weeks of term or a 5 day intensive over half terms/holidays.

    Part 1 Introduction to unseen poem Discussion and analysis of poem Assessment objectives Language, imagery, structure, form, effects Poetic techniques and key themes

    Part 2 Creative Writing in response to key theme Sharing session Further reading tips and Q&A

    More info


    Lesser known poems have been selected which students are unlikely to have read before to spark imagination. Poet examples:

    • Joy Harjo
    • Rita Dove
    • Anne Carson
    • Gertrude Stein
    • Adrienne Rich


    Ella studied English Literature at Oxford University and has both tutored privately and taught within schools, such as Eton College, since 2013. A Royal Court young Writer Graduate with creative flair, Ella is passionate about getting students motivated with reading, writing and poetry.

    Contact Ella on +44 (0)207 3856795 or email info@bespoketuition.com


    Screenwriting 16-18

    Led by National Film and Television School graduate Rosalind, this course is aimed at secondary students with an interest in motion pictures entertainment and screenwriting. Students will learn the basic craft of screenwriting and develop a short film of their own.

    • Year group suitability: 16+
    • Course type: Online
    • Course duration: Weekly/ Short Courses
    • Date: Saturday mornings/ Half-term/ Holidays
    • Group min/max: 1-8
    • Email to book: info@bespoketuition.com

    Course Outline:

    • How to write a cinematic story
    • The foundations of screenwriting
    • Character/Plot/Premise/Dialogue/Structure/Scene Writing
    • The Short Film Format
    • Script Software
    More info


    An introduction to screenwriting that will provide students with an understanding of the craft in writing for the screen and an opportunity to practise their new found skills in creating a short film script.


    A writer, editor, screenwriter (represented by Independent Talent) and tutor, one of Rosalind’s main passions in life is the art of communication. Having attained a First Class Honours degree in Theatre, Film and Television from Bristol University, she has worked for the BBC and independent production companies across documentaries, feature films and TV drama. Rosalind has hosted Creative Writing & Screenwriting workshops with children as young as 5 years old through to adult learners.

    Contact Rosalind on +44 (0)207 3856795 or email info@bespoketuition.com


    Debate Club

    • Year group suitability: Primary & Secondary
    • Course type: Online
    • Course duration: Once weekly or one-off
    • Date: All weekdays and Saturday mornings
    • Group min/max: 1-6
    • Cost: from GBP £30/hr
    • Email to book: info@bespoketuition.com

    General format:

    • Course leader sets a motion for the students to prepare to speak on
    • Students will present their arguments either for or against the motion
    • Analysis of presentation skills, critical thinking skills and oratical techniques
    • Personalised guided strategies offered on how to argue persuasively
    More info

    Key benefits

    Whether a student enjoys discussing current affairs over the dinner table, needs a confidence boost with public speaking or would like to refine how they present arguments, Bespoke Tuition’s Debate Club is a fantastic way to hone a variety of skills whilst building general knowledge. Sessions can be adapted to coach individual students one to one, or support a group of up to 6 pupils for a more collaborative experience. Our Course Leaders are superb communicators and confidence-builders who will motivate students to find their voice and craft intelligent, well-structured rebuttals. Most attended Oxbridge with active involvement in the University Debating Clubs and many have gone on to train as barristers, public speakers and presenters.

    Contact Max on +44 (0)207 3856795 or email info@bespoketuition.com


    Critical Thinking

    How do you improve Critical Thinking Skills? We must get asked this question at least once a week by parents looking for strategies to help their children think more analytically, dig deeper with questioning and look at the bigger picture. Our Critical Thinking Courses can be taken as a one-off or series of classes.

    • Year group suitability: adaptable for primary & secondary
    • Group min/max: one to one or group up to 3
    • Course type: in-person or Online
    • Course duration: 5 hour package or one-off masterclass
    • Date: available upon request
    • Cost: from GBP £20/hr
    • Email to book: info@bespoketuition.com
    More info


    Samuel has worked as a Residential Tutor and Online Tutor with Bespoke Tuition since 2013, posted on bespoke tutoring assignments in the UK, Finland, Hong Kong and Africa. Having been taught by and interacted with elite, international educators throughout his life (IB at Sevenoaks, BA First Oxford University, MA Scholar British Colombia, Vancouver) Samuel has a truly global perspective and has become a guru in the art of Critical Thinking. He believes that the IB with its broad foundational basis stood him in good stead for the Oxford tutorial system, which demands not only analytical abilities and intellectual insight, but also a spirit of creativity and imaginative connections, all of which he passes on to students in his stimulating courses.

    Contact Samuel on +44 (0)207 3856795 or email info@bespoketuition.com


    Executive Function

    “Paula gave me some one on one tutoring before I returned to Wadham College, Oxford for my final term. I had been struggling with writing essays and had lost a lot of academic confidence in myself. Back in Oxford her strategies were already helping me tackle the daunting workload. In such a high-pressure environment having Paula on hand for a quick phone call or an editing session was invaluable. Her tutoring and advice is most visible in the First I achieved in my preliminary exams.”

    ~ Justine R, Wadham College, Oxford University

    • Year group suitability: 11 years and older
    • Course type: Online
    • Course duration: 2 days (3 hours) or hourly
    • Date: Termtime & Holidays
    • Group min/max: One-to-one
    • Cost: GBP £90/hr
    • Email to book: info@bespoketuition.com

    Paula offers a complimentary 30 minute consultation to discuss specific requirements (telephone or in-person)

    More info


    • Executive Functions
    • Time management
    • Concentration/focus in class
    • Essay planning
    • High standard homework completion
    • Exam performance
    • Confidence & proactive mentality

    Course Leader

    Paula (BSc Child Psychology) is a Tutor, Mentor & Academic Coach with 9 years’ experience. She has a proven track record of enabling huge academic improvements and top exam results with overall academic targets as a result of the study strategies, skills and techniques she offers her students. Paula has nurtured a growth mindset in young people and adults with SEN, emotional and behavioural difficulties and has prepared countless students for successful entry into top UK schools and universities such as: Wycombe Abbey, Oundle, Latymer and Godolphin, St Mary Calne’s, Cheltenham Ladies college, Kings College and Oxbridge, amongst others.

    Contact Paula on +44 (0)207 3856795 or email info@bespoketuition.com


    Shakespeare Simplified

    • Year group suitability: Primary & Year 10-11
    • Course type: Online
    • Course duration: 2-3 hour workshop
    • Date: Available upon request
    • Group min/max: 1-4 (primary), 5-12 (GCSE)
    • Cost: GBP £120-195
    • Email to book: info@bespoketuition.com

    Primary Course leader: Sienna C

    • BA English & Drama, MA Acting
    • 6 years' experience of Shakespeare workshops

    Secondary Course leader: Jess B

    • BA English, PGCE
    • GCSE Teacher & Marker
    More info

    Course Aims

    PRIMARY: Sienna's sessions aim to show that Shakespeare's plays are as accessible now as they were four hundred years ago. By deciphering Shakespeare for students of any age, the bard's work becomes easy to understand, enjoyable, relevant and above all else, fun! These entertaining Shakespeare workshops are designed to be interactive, thought-provoking and stimulating.

    SECONDARY: These focused courses will demystify Shakespeare’s work while addressing key GCSE exam board assessment objectives. The course features guided seminars on how to analyse Shakespeare’s language and his use of dramatic structure. Across the morning, vital social, historical and cultural context will be outlined, including a discussion of original performance practices.

    Contact Anwen on +44 (0)207 3856795 or email info@bespoketuition.com



    Our bespoke revision course has been developed by experts and can be adapted to primary and secondary students. Participants will learn the skills and strategies to develop their own set of focused and effective revision resources. Students can choose to take a 2 hour course or 5 hour course, select group size (1-5) and convenient dates.

    Course content:

    • Key methods to improve short term memory
    • Engaging activities to reinforce understanding
    • Effective note-taking/reducing techniques
    • Creating revision plans and schedules
    • Utilising past papers, examiner reports & revision guides
    • Anti-procrastination strategies
    • Motivation builders & anxiety reducers
    • Exam technique: unpicking mark schemes
    • Essay structure & time management
    • Importance of diet, exercise and sleep
    More info


    At regular points in a student’s life, revision skills will play a fundamental role in their academic success. Whilst there is no single approach that will work for every student, our bespoke courses will demonstrate how students can optimise revision time over the holidays from memory strategies to allocating time effectively and handling those anxiety-inducing exam nerves.

    All courses are entirely customisable as follows:

    • Year group suitability: Primary & Secondary
    • Course type: Online or in person
    • Course duration: 2 hours or 5 hours
    • Date: Flexible upon request
    • Group min/max: 1-5

    Email us your preferences: info@bespoketuition.com or call: +44 (0)207 3856795


    Oxbridge Preparation

    • Year group suitability: Oxbridge applicants
    • Course type: In-person or Online
    • Course duration: 5 hours (guideline only)
    • Date: Available upon request
    • Group min/max: One to One
    • Cost: from GBP £55/hr
    • Email to book: info@bespoketuition.com

    For those aspiring to secure a place at Oxbridge, confidence is key and that involves preparation. A well poised personal statement or good interview can make or break a successful application. Bespoke Tuition pairs an applicant with an ex-Oxbridge graduate (of same college and course) who can provide behind-the-scenes insight into the admissions process, everyday life, which college to choose as well as tips and tricks to help your application stand out from the crowd.

    More info

    Learn from the best

    All of our Oxbridge specialists have 3+ years' tutoring experience. This personalised course includes sample admission tests (with detailed feedback), personal statement models, interview role play and skill-building with problem solving, essay writing and critical thinking as appropriate to each course. If you dream of studying at a world class university, why not learn from those who have attained your goal and give yourself the best possible chance of gaining a place?

    To arrange a consultation with our Oxbridge Admissions Consultant, email info@bespoketuition.com, call +44 207 3856795 or whatsapp +44 7732 371880


    USA Admissions

    • Year group suitability: Year 10, 11 & 12
    • Course type: In-person or Online
    • Course duration: 5 session package or one-off masterclass
    • Date: available upon request
    • Group min/max: One to One
    • Email to book: info@bespoketuition.com

    Course Content

    • Which SATs, ACTs and SAT subject tests to take?
    • When to take the tests?
    • Tackling the common application and specific college supplements
    • Personal statement guidance
    • Interview prepration
    • Pros and cons of different types of colleges/universities
    • How to compose your shortlist of reaches, targets, and safeties
    More info

    Meet our US Experts

    Laurent - Yale graduate (Humanities) and US test prep specialist with 17000+ hours and 15 years of experience. Laurent prepares students for SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests and AP Exams, for which he has written course curricula. He has successfully guided students into: Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Duke, Stanford, NYU, Columbia, Brown & UC Berkeley amongst others.

    Sarah - Harvard graduate (Classics) who spent 3 years (1000+ hours) consulting for Tutor Associates, one of New York’s premier tutoring companies. Now a US college advisor, Sarah helps students to express the best versions of themselves in their essays, applications and interviews.

    Erin - UK or USA? Erin is the go-to expert. Offered a full scholarship to Princeton University (alongside offers from Cambridge etc.), Erin graduated with a First Class degree in History (and Liberal Arts), has 10 years' tutoring experience and trained as a US College Admissions Counsellor with the Sutton Trust US Programme.

    To arrange a consultation, email info@bespoketuition.com, call +44 207 3856795 or whatsapp +44 7732 371880


    Career Tasters

    What is a day in the life of a Barrister like? What are the upsides and downsides of becoming a Medic? Which GCSE & A Level subject choices should you take to study Physiotherapy? How do you become an App Developer? How do you get work experience to become a Nutritionist? What are the common pitfalls of setting up your own business? What extracurriculars will benefit my CV for a degree in Economics?

    • Year group suitability: secondary & tertiary
    • Group min/max: One to One
    • Course type: In-person or Online
    • Course duration: 1-3 hours (guideline only)
    • Date: Available upon request
    • Cost: from GBP £30/hr
    • Email to book: info@bespoketuition.com
    More info


    Bespoke Tuition’s Career Taster Masterclasses with our specialist Careers Tutors offer first-hand insight into a range of professions to better inform students with ‘behind the scenes’ intel on potential degree or career paths. From Astrophysicists to Poets, Writers, Actors and professional Sportspeople, our approachable specialists (who are experienced enough to be fully trained in relevant fields yet recently educated enough to relate to younger students) will not only share insider tips and tricks to help students climb the ladder and stand out from the crowd but in many cases open doors and offer invaluable work experience. Pick your topic and Bespoke Tuition will match you with a Careers Specialist who can offer a one-off masterclass or a series, either in person or online.


    Employability Accelerator

    Over a third of recruiters who took part in a Highfliers survey of the graduate market warned that ‘irrespective of their academic achievements, graduates who have had no previous work experience…have little or no chance of receiving a job offer.’

    • Year group suitability: 18-26 year olds
    • Course type: Mix of in-person & online
    • Course duration: 2 weeks of work experience
    • Dates: Christmas & Summer holidays (various)
    • Group min/max: 6-10
    • Cost: GBP £1295 inc VAT, one time payment
    • Email to book: info@bespoketuition.com

    For every participant who completes the Employability Accelerator, a donation goes to the Spear Programme that supports employability for disadvantaged groups.

    More info


    The Employability Accelerator Programme is designed to offer real, practical support for young adults (18-26 year olds) – for whatever their next step may be. By creating a Programme of invaluable career mentoring from FTSE 500 recognised executive coaches, intensive and focused work experience, and with an award-winning learning platform, Employability Accelerator aims to ensure that participants stand out and accelerate their prospects, whether ensuring their place at university, internship, graduate job or first step on the career ladder. The programme can be delivered online or in-person and is carefully tailored to suit each individual's goals, aspirations and abilities.

    A special £200 discount is available by quoting “Bespoke” on application.


    Masterclasses (1-3 hours): available online or in person

    • Revision Skills
    • Interview Technique
    • Critical Thinking
    • Essay Writing
    • Research Skills
    • Personal Statement
    • Mindfulness
    • Poetry & Songwriting
    • Smartphone Management
    • Creative Writing
    • Mathematics Confidence
    • Reading Scientific Papers
    • Debating Skills
    • Build an App
    • Chinese Calligraphy
    • Life as a Medic
    • Life as a Lawyer
    • Life as a Barrister
    • Life as an Accountant
    • Life as a Poet
    • Life as a Writer
    • Life in the Army
    • Life as an Entrepeneur
    • Life as a Musician
    • Life as an Actor
    • Life as an Academic
    • Life as a Teacher
    • Life as a Psychologist
    • Life as a Nutritonist
    • Life as a Personal Trainer
    • Life as a Sportsman
    • Life as an Artist
    • Problem-solving
    • Time Management
    • Exam Technique
    • Coding/ Programming

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