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    01. When and why was the company founded?

    02. What subjects, levels and skills do you cover?

    03. What geographical areas do you cover?

    04. Does in-person tuition take place at home?

    05. Do you offer Online Tuition?

    06. How do I find a full time homeschooling tutor?

    07. Do your tutees have minimum/maximum age limits?

    08. How soon can you find us a tutor?

    09. How will you show us prospective candidates?

    10. Can I browse through your tutors myself on the website myself?

    11. How do I know that your tutors are good?

    12. Can my child team up with a friend and share tuition?

    13. Does the tutor provide teaching resources?

    14. Will I be tied to a fixed number of sessions?

    15. What happens in the first session?

    16. How can parents help to make the first session a success?

    17. My friend wants to hire my tutor. Can I connect them with the tutor?

    18. What feedback is provided?

    19. What is the cancellation policy?

    20. What is the payment procedure?

    21. In which countries can you provide a tutor-in-residence?

    22. We are going on a trip aboard - can we take a tutor with us?

    23. What is it like tutoring in Hong Kong?

    24. What foreign languages can you support?

    25. What is Executive Function?

    26. How can I support my child with Revision Skills?

    27. What are the pros and cons of the IB?

    28. What summer courses do you offer?

    29. What is the average age of your tutors?

    30. How many tutors do you have working on a regular basis?

    31. How many of your tutors work exclusively for you?

    32. How do you select your tutors?

    33. Do your tutors need minimum qualifications/experience?

    34. What do you look for in your tutors?

    35. What reference checks and background checks do you undertake?

    36. What motivates your tutors?

    37. How do you retain your tutors?

    38. Do you give your tutors any training?

    39. Can you help us shortlist schools?

    40. Do you offer a University Admissions service?

    41. How do I prepare for Oxbridge admissions?

    42. Can you help with Careers Advice?

    43. What are your charges for clients?

    44. What do you pay your tutors?

    45. How much commission does the agency make?

    46. Can you offer specialist support to students with SEN?

    47. Can you offer Speech & Language Therapist support?

    48. Do you sign up to any industry codes of practice?

    49. Does Bespoke Tuition have a universal style of teaching?

    50. Can parents choose a particular education approach?

    51. Does Bespoke Tuition have an education philosophy?

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