Established in 2010, the business grew organically from the founder’s own tutoring, but Bespoke Tuition has always set sights on sustaining a relatively small, yet distinguished company whose personal touch, attention to detail and focus on truly tailored tuition would set its’ service apart from the rest. Valuing and seeing first-hand the benefits of a bespoke education (MD & Founder, Emma, was a full time tutor for 3 years in London, also taking up residential assignments in Hong Kong, Monaco, Switzerland and St Tropez) and the importance of the right fit of tutor to obtain the most successful outcomes, the goal was to create a highly personal and exclusive service where tutors were hand-picked and carefully matched to students. To this day, we believe it is important for parents to be able to invest in a long-term relationship with one single point of contact/agent who understands the family and can provide a full education support service throughout a child’s academic journey. We are proud that many of our families are still with us from our inception in 2010.

All subjects across nursery, school and university levels. We cater to all levels and offer both tuition and courses in a range of study skills from Critical Thinking and Revision Skills to Executive Function, Debating & Screenwriting.

London: Bespoke Tuition’s central branch is in London where we have offices in Fulham and Mayfair and can provide our full range of tutoring services. (More info)

Hong Kong: Bespoke Tuition’s second largest presence is in Hong Kong where we import a team of UK Qualified teachers each academic year and arrange for them to work with students at family homes (or online if preferred) by the hour. (More info)

Worldwide: “travelling & residential tutors”:For families who are based internationally, we can provide a suitably matched ‘tutor-in-residence’ who will tailor an educational programme in line with your objectives and requirements. For those families planning a short or long term trip domestically or abroad, we can provide experienced ‘travelling tutors’ to accompany the family and ensure academic continuity. Wherever you plan to go in the world, for whatever duration, we can deliver a personally recruited tutor to you. (More info)

In 90% of cases, tutors will visit the students at their own homes. On occasion, a student or parent will prefer to have tuition elsewhere and this can be arranged. We also have specialist Online Tutors who deliver tutorials via Zoom, Bramble, Skype and other platforms.

All of our tuition services, courses and clubs can be available online. We have 1000+ specialist online tutors, many of whom can be immediately available. Read more

To find the best tutoring agency for your child, look for the one that takes time and effort to really understand your family dynamic, values, education philosophy and interests alongside the obvious curriculum objectives. Engaging a full time tutor on such an intensive basis, who frequently resides in the family’s main residence, is a big change for all the family and there are only a handful of elite tutoring agencies out there who are genuinely experienced enough in this area to pre-empt the pitfalls, guide families on this journey and provide a truly bespoke and professional service from start to finish. Bespoke Tuition offers a full (homeschooling) service worldwide. We have supported clients with a range of objectives and motives for seeking an alternative education pathway for their children. Some have chosen to take a year’s sabbatical to sail around the world; others have become disenchanted with their local education system and feel they can offer their children a more bespoke, enriching and future-proof education. Whatever your reasons, the future is really exciting and we feel optimistic about it. It is not something to fear; we simply have to be open to new ways of educating our children to keep up with the ever-changing world.

We can accommodate all age groups. Whilst we recommend starting tuition no earlier than 5 years of age and keeping it balanced, we understand that some circumstances may require earlier intervention such as language learning, helping a child to adjust to a new country/school, coping with individual learning challenges etc. Our youngest student is currently 3 years old and our eldest is 67.

For hourly tuition, we can usually send a family some options within 24-48 hours. This is something we pride ourselves on. For more intensive tuition (homeschooling, daily tuition, residentials), we aim to provide options within a week but it depends how bespoke the client’s requirements are and if we need to actively head-hunt for the right candidate.

Having discussed a family’s requirements, Bespoke Tuition emails a comprehensive 4 page profile of any suitable tutors with customised quote which will include the following:- agency appraisal of the tutor concerned – photograph and full education background- case studies detailing previous tuition assignments – written feedback from parents who have previously hired the tutor- a list of skill-building areas in which tutor can offer support (eg critical thinking, time management, exam technique) – a personal message written by the tutor describing his/her approach Having been sent a personally matched tutor profile, families are given the opportunity to speak with the tutor prior to having a trial tutorial in person or online. Example tutor profiles can be viewed on the website in the ‘Our Tutors’ section.

If you are seeking a tutor in the UK or online, you can browse a selection of our tutors by subject here. If you are seeking a tutor in Hong Kong, you can browse a selection of our tutors here. Click on their photo to view more info and request their availability.We have many more tutors available and normally conduct a bespoke search based on your personal requirements. Please complete our Contact Form and we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your requirements.

With a distinguished client base who expect the very best, Bespoke Tuition simply could not continue producing such positive outcomes and success stories, if the selected tutors were not of the very highest standard. Just as Bespoke Tuition has steadily grown predominantly via word of mouth by providing an exceptional service since 2010, the quality of our tutors also continues to rise year on year. Only 15% of those who apply to Bespoke Tuition, on average, are called for interview and 5% selected. Bespoke Tuition deliberately keeps the team small so as to retain quality and offer the very highest standard of tuition. As part of the recruitment process, testimonials are requested from parents who have previously hired the tutor by way of a past performance review. We will simply not hire a tutor who has received negative feedback from previous employers. The Good Schools Guide has consistently ranked Bespoke Tuition in the top A grade category annually since 2017.Take a look at what other people have said:

For every successful applicant, Bespoke Tuition composes a 4 page profile on his/her background and experience which is used to show to prospective families. Having been sent a tutor profile, families are given the opportunity to interview the tutor via telephone or skype before committing to a session. Example tutor profiles can be found on the website.Beyond a demonstrated ability in subject matter and excellent communication skills, the agency looks for additional areas in which tutors can add value such as: critical thinking, executive functioning, verbal/non-verbal reasoning, essay writing, exam technique, mentorship, learning disability experience, speech and language training as well as additional qualifications of relevance (eg CELTA, TEFL, PGCE, Phonics training etc.)Once a tutor has passed Bespoke’s recruitment processes and been accepted, he/she must receive consistently positive feedback from our families in order to remain a member of the highly regarded team. Visit our Success Stories page.

Whilst we encourage one to one tuition to get the most benefit, and cater to individual learning differences/styles/paces etc. we can accommodate shared tuition. The charge is 65% of the hourly rate for one additional student and 55% of the hourly rate for two additional students. Just bear in mind that even twins can learn very differently so shared tuition will never be quite so personalised. Our courses and clubs are much more amenable to group work and allow for children to team up with friends. Email us (info@bespoketuition.com) and we will send you further information on all available group courses.

Bespoke Tuition provides its team with exclusive access to an extensive ‘Teaching Resource Bank’ containing high quality and multi-sensory teaching materials for all school ages and levels: past papers, websites, learning apps, study skills evaluation tools and brain training exercises etc. This private and thorough Teaching Resource Bank has been built up since 2010 by our full time home educators, qualified teachers, education consultants and tutors/mentors. Having evaluated the needs of a student, the tutors customise their own worksheets and resources to complement that student’s learning style, objectives and timeframe. Our tutors may recommend additional resources to parents that may be of benefit to the student as the tuition progresses and problem areas are identified.

You may adjust your hours week on week with the tutor as you see fit and you will simply be billed for the hours you take in arrears.

First tutorials in which academic assessment or tuition takes place will last a minimum of 1 hour and should be treated as a trial tutorial for both parties. Should tutor and parent agree simply to discuss suitability over the phone before committing to a session, this will not be charged. The first lesson is frequently a rapport-building session as much as a means of assessment to identify objectives, strengths and weaknesses as well as any particular learning styles/challenges/goals of the student. Tutors will then be more familiar with their students’ objectives and be better placed to create an on-going tuition programme with short and long term targets. Relationships take time to build but the first session usually gives everyone a good indication of whether the fit has potential.

Families can help our tutors to make well-informed appraisals of a student’s level and goals prior to a first tutorial or early on in the process by providing the tutor with any or all of the following information where relevant:- Key learning objectives and end-goals- School reports/School teacher feedback- Learning assessments or EdPsych reports- Dates of any pending exams or tests- Curriculum, exam board and challenges of current year group- Textbooks that the student uses at school- List of any relevant target schools or universities- Samples of student’s work- Details of school’s intranet if it posts relevant information on school assignments etc.- Details of any known/suspected learning difficulties & how they might impact the student’s learning- A quiet, allocated workspace conducive to learning that is kept organised and tidy Some parents may also wish to connect the tutor with the student’s schoolteacher so as to ensure consistent teaching/tutoring methods and also to better inform the tutor of the student’s challenges but naturally this is entirely optional and not always appropriate.

Bespoke Tuition is proud to grow organically and predominantly via word of mouth. We thank you for choosing Bespoke Tuition and ask that friends, colleagues and family members in need of tuition, or repeat requests for one of our Tutors, are kindly referred back to Bespoke Tuition directly (as opposed to the tutor) so that we may continue to deliver a consistently high standard of service. As a relatively small business, Bespoke Tuition relies on personal referrals in order to remain a high quality, sustainable business. We thank you for your loyalty.

Clients receive a comprehensive monthly lesson report written by the tutor including: a summary of content covered; identification of any strengths/weaknesses; explanation of any successful learning/teaching techniques; details of progress made plus areas for improvement and any practical advice for the parent/caregiver. Reports are held on the client’s online account which can be accessed anytime. Once the student has completed 5 sessions with a tutor, Bespoke Tuition will send an automated request for feedback. We see this as a good period of time for clients to have assessed whether or not the Tutor is a good fit for the student and any comments are warmly welcomed. We will endeavour to rectify as soon as possible any aspect that clients are not completely satisfied with as soon as possible so it is important that you flag the good and the bad!

Lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice before a tutorial was scheduled will be charged. If a session is cancelled, the Tutor will make all reasonable endeavours to make up the session on a mutually convenient day/time.

For standard hourly tuition, invoices are sent from the tutor and the agency via email after each lesson. For residential tuition, invoices are sent on a once monthly basis electronically. All charges are in arrears.

There is only one continent we are yet to conquer in terms of providing residential tutors … Antarctica! Wherever you are in the world, we can send a tutor to you, for a short or long term period, term time or holidays.

Absolutely, yes. This is a main service of Bespoke Tuition having sent tutors on “travelling assignments” to Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia and Australasia. You would have to provide full board, visa, insurance and travel for the tutor on top of the weekly or monthly rate. Regardless of whether you are going away for 1 week or 1 year, we will provide you with a personally matched tutor/mentor who can accompany you on your travels and fit around your preferred schedule.

Since 2012, Bespoke Tuition has assigned a new team of tutors in Hong Kong to support international school students on an hourly basis at family homes. “My year tutoring in Hong Kong is definitely one I’ll never forget. I had a range of international placements to choose from and I’m so glad that I seized this opportunity. I worked with a range of lovely families and wonderful students. I was able to teach subjects that I am passionate about, which I really enjoyed. Also due to the nature of the work, if arranged in advance I was able to be quite flexible with my schedule. As a place Hong Kong is such a vibrant and exciting city. It’s an incredibly friendly island and there’s always something different to get involved in. Even though I arrived without knowing anyone, I made some incredible friends there. The help I got from Bespoke was unwavering, I always felt so at ease and supported. I couldn’t recommend this placement enough.” Testimonial from a tutor of Bespoke Tuition who spent 10 months in Hong Kong

We offer Specialist Language Tutors who can offer hourly tuition in a range of languages from the most high demand French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian and Mandarin to the likes of Portuguese, Danish and Nepalese. Browse our tutors by subject here. Over the holidays, we also offer Language Homestays which enable a student to reside with one of our ‘Host Tutors’ in Europe immersing themselves in a foreign language and culture.

Executive Function is a set of cognitive processes that are located within the prefrontal cortex of the brain and help you get things done. We value this as such a key part of academic skill-building that we have a trained specialist who can offer a one-off masterclass or a course in this area. Paula’s popular Executive Function Courses are suitable for students aged 11 years and up and will help to improve time management, organisation, essay writing, note-taking and a general sense of control over workload management. View Course Info

Regardless of lockdowns and exam shake-ups, at regular points in a student’s life, revision skills will play a fundamental role in their success. Whilst there is no single approach that will work for every student, following a few staple guidelines will help to optimise revision time over the holidays from memory strategies to time management and handling those anxiety-inducing exam nerves.

For those deliberating over whether or not to choose the IB curriculum, one of our Senior Tutors reflects on her own experience of the course, evaluating the advantages and disadvantages to help you make the right decision. Read Article

Throughout the summer holidays, we offer a range of tuition, courses and clubs to keep minds stimulated and engaged. Our full range of customisable courses and clubs remain active in July and August so whether your child would like to develop or enhance a love of reading (Book Club), hone their writing skills (Creative Writing, Screenwriting, Poetry) or learn the art of debate or critical thinking, we have a stimulating course for you. View Course options For budding linguists, we can offer 3 day-2 week Language Homestays where students to live with our host tutors in various European cities immersing themselves in a foreign language and culture. More Info For international students seeking to improve their English Language, we offer a 2 week summer school divided between London and the south coast of England. Tuition takes place in the morning followed by cultural excursions in the afternoon and a group meal and relaxation in the evening.

The average age within our team is 26 years old, though we welcome all ages subject to demonstrating significant teaching/tutoring experience alongside Bespoke Tuition’s thorough recruitment criteria. Bespoke Tuition rarely recruits recent graduates as we prefer tutors to have devoted their career to education. We have a fairly equal balance of male/female.

Whilst we have interviewed, vetted and hand-picked over 1000 tutors since our founding year of 2010, we have on average 50 active tutors working with our families at any one time as a deliberate means of maintaining quality and offering each client a personalised service. Receiving applications from tutors on a daily basis and calling only 15% for interview, Bespoke Tuition’s highly selective recruitment process ensures that we retain the very best educators. We would far rather sign up 50 exceptional tutors who reliably exceed expectations than hundreds of mediocre ones who fill the jobs but do not seek to go the extra mile.

Whilst all of our tutors are self-employed and free to work with multiple agencies, around 70% choose to offer their services exclusively through Bespoke Tuition.

Bespoke Tuition receives an average of 10 applications per week from experienced, high-achieving tutors wishing to join our exclusive team. We have a discerning client base with exacting standards and our recruitment process is suitably rigorous and selective. On average, our tutors have 5 years of tutoring experience and virtually all have attended Ivy League/world class universities such as Oxbridge, Imperial College London, Edinburgh, Brown, UCL, LSE, Cornell and Sorbonne.Tutors must pass our criteria at each of the following stages to proceed to the next:

  • Stage 1 – Tutor applies via CV and cover letter. On average, 15% of those who apply are called for interview; 5% are accepted.
  • Stage 2 – One to one interview including role play exercises, multiple intelligence testing, personality evaluation, analysis of the tutor’s pre prepared lesson plan, discussion on personal motivations and teaching philosophy as well as Bespoke Tuition’s core values and approach.
  • Stage 3 – Qualifications check is undertaken and testimonials requested from previous employers.
  • Stage 4 – Bespoke Tuition registers the Tutor and conducts a renewed DBS background check if required.
  • Stage 5 – The Tutor is taken through Bespoke Tuition’s Guidelines, Terms and a Bespoke Action Plan to help promote their individual profile and contribute to our wider team e.g video creation, article contributions and workshop ideas based on their niche areas of expertise etc.
  • Stage 6 – A 4 page profile (and introductory video) is composed on the tutor which will be used to present to prospective families.
  • Stage 7 – Senior Tutors and Consultants of Bespoke Tuition occasionally sit in on tutorials, with parental permission, to monitor the tutor’s performance.
  • Stage 8 – Testimonials are regularly gathered from parents to use as feedback on our tutors.

On average our tutors have 5 years of teaching/tutoring experience before they start with us but we welcome all applications and exceptions are made based on teaching qualifications, communication skills and experience in child-related work. All tutors must have a minimum of a degree and if acquired in the UK, this is expected to be an Upper Second or First Class. Approximately 70% of the current team have an additional qualification eg MA, PhD, PGCE, Doctorate.

We believe that the most effective tutoring outcomes stem from a positive, trusting and well matched tutor-student relationship. From the very beginning, we have taken great pride and care in recruiting tutors whom we would want to have as role models educating our own children. Students will seek to impress those whom they admire, respect and relate to. As such, whilst academic excellence is inevitably high in Bespoke Tuition’s recruitment criteria, we place equal importance on superb communication skills, charismatic, engaging personalities and high emotional intelligence. However bright, tutors must be able to simplify concepts and transmit information in an easy-to-follow, fun and engaging manner, with a strong awareness of different learning styles. The ‘added value’ element is key and is a key reason why so few applicants make it onto our team. As well as tutoring for exams, school entrance and other outcome-focused goals, Bespoke Tuition looks for tutors who have the specialist skills to be able to offer students tools and strategies for lifelong learning where time and objectives allow – critical thinking, time management, organisation and memory techniques, amongst others.Beyond academics, qualifications and tutoring/teaching experience, we seek tutors with charisma and an engaging personality as well as a drive to exceed expectations and sincere excitement at the prospect of making a difference to a child’s educational journey. On interviewing the tutor, we look for the following skillset and traits: – An ability to explain a concept in multiple ways- An upbeat yet composed communication style- In-depth knowledge of curriculum and assessment objectives for chosen subjects- A well-structured and methodical lesson plan delivered engagingly and concisely- Natural professionalism, devotion to education and discretion (as well as a sense of fun: we love a genuine smile and good sense of humour !)- A thirst for teaching creatively and inspiring/building confidence in young people- Proven ability of developing customised tutoring lessons/programmes- Positive energy, spark and enthusiasm- Added value – how will they help tutees to skill-build? What makes him/her an elite tutor?

Two references are requested from all of our tutors. We also require every tutor to undertake an Enhanced DBS Check and review their degree certificate, further qualifications, passport and visa (if applicable),

Though tutors enter the world of education for diverse reasons, a common denominator the Bespoke Tuition team shares is a passion and zeal for nurturing academic potential in young people. Each team member recognises the responsibility of being an educator and is motivated by the ability to foster a love of learning in their tutees. Many of our tutors have been inspired by a role model/mentor figure in their own education and seek to assume that role for younger people. Believers in the value of individualised teaching, our tutors take a highly personalised and bespoke approach. Students are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their own learning and ultimately find enjoyment in it.

Very simply – we look after them. As a small business which has grown organically, with only around 50 tutors working at any one time, we know each and every one of our team and regularly speak, email and meet with them. Our tutors are the lifeblood of the business and we provide constant support to them throughout each tuition assignment to keep our processes efficient and ensure they are valued. As such, the tutors take pride in working with our families and for Bespoke Tuition.

We offer a full UK, Hong Kong & USA School Advisory service which includes a personal consultation, shortlisting of ‘right fit’ schools, school visits, introductions to admissions staff, timeline guidance and tuition support with applications and assessments where required. This bespoke service applies to all types of school and college in these parts of the world.

For both UK & US universities, our expert range of University Admissions Consultants, Tutors and Mentors can offer professional guidance, combining over 50 years’ experience in selecting the ideal fit for students applying for university. From selecting the right subjects through school to navigating the UCAS (or notriously complex US) system, application support and test prep, to final stage interviews, we have all stages covered to set students up for an exemplary application. Since 2010, we have helped students from all over the world secure a place at leading British, European & American universities. Read more

We have an Oxbridge Admissions Specialist who can guide you through the entire process, offering customised advice based on your course and college aspirations. We can also match students with an ex-Oxbridge graduate (of same college and course) who can provide behind-the-scenes insight into the admissions process, everyday life and advice on which college to choose as well as tips and tricks to help your application stand out from the crowd.

Our specialist Careers Tutors, Mentors and Counsellors can offer first-hand insight into a range of professions to better inform students with ‘behind the scenes’ intel on potential degree or career paths. Whether you have a clear idea of your career aspirations or need help navigating all the options, we can offer the necessary guidance. Bespoke Tuition’s Career Tasters are one-off masterclasses providing an introduction into a range of vocations from core professions such as medicine and law to more niche areas such as artificial intelligence, nutrition and physiotherapy. Students can book a one to one session with a mentor who has had first-hand experience of such occupations, gaining insight into entrance pathways, which subjects to choose, how to get work experience and what extra-curriculars to pursue to increase chances of securing employment in the chosen area. These masterclasses can be hosted upon request, either one to one or for a small group, online or in person. Career Tasters For young adults aged 18-26 years old, our trusted partner also offers a superb Employ ability Accelerator programme which is designed to offer real, practical support for whatever the next step may be. With invaluable career mentoring from FTSE 500 recognised executive coaches, 2 weeks of intensive and focused work experience, alongside an award-winning learning platform, this invaluable programme can be delivered either online or in-person. Employability Accelerator

For hourly tuition in the UK, payment is per lesson in arrears. For hourly tuition in Hong Kong, payment is once monthly in arrears. For live-in residential tuition, payment is once monthly, except for 12 month+ assignments for which there is a single introductory fee broken into 3 instalments.

Our agency commission varies between our services, averaging at 25%.

Yes, we have specialist tutors who are trained in a range of areas. Our superb Educational Psychologist, Adele, conducts assessments. We can also offer SEN summer camps led by a Senior Tutor of Bespoke Tuition (MA in Special Needs) and other experienced specialist staff aimed at children with specific learning differences ranging from dyslexia to autism/aspergers aged between 11-14 years old. The camps will provide neurodiverse-friendly activities with a focus on building confidence and social interaction. Activities include bouldering, horse-riding, yoga and go-karting.

Bespoke Tuition has a qualified Speech and Language Therapist, Eliza, who supports students both privately and for the NHS, with extensive experience of SEN. With a BSc in Psychology and a PgDip in Speech and Language therapy, she is now registered with the Health and Care professions Council, Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and Association of Independent Speech and Language Therapists. Since 2010, Eliza has used creative measures to inspire and motivate her students in order to develop their speaking confidence and academic progress. Contact Eliza on +44 (0)207 3856795 or email info@bespoketuition.com.

Yes, we are a Corporate Member of the Tutors’ Association. We have also been regularly reviewed by The Good Schools Guide since 2017 who have consistently allocated us their highest A grade rating on every occasion.

We are called Bespoke Tuition for a reason. Since every assignment is so unique, we ultimately engage tutors with different teaching styles intentionally – so as to have tutors on the team who can cater to a wide range of learning objectives, learning styles and client preferences. We give our tutors a detailed brief of a client’s needs and goals before commencing an assignment so that he/she can begin each new role feeling well-informed and prepared. Bespoke Tuition also has a universal set of core values and code of conduct as soon to ensure the service we deliver is reliably consistent and of high quality. Over the years we have also developed an invaluable bank of teaching resources, including hard-to-access past papers, which is exclusive to the Bespoke Tuition team.

Families are actively encouraged to voice any particular educational approaches, philosophies or pedagogies they wish the tutor to follow from the outset. Some families do not even realise they have a preference until tuition is underway. Bespoke Tuition specifically recruits adaptable, dynamic tutors who are able to adjust their teaching style, pace and approach to suit each individual student. As such, a bit of direction is always welcomed rather than resented since in most cases, an approach can be adjusted. However, it is better for parents to inform Bespoke at the start of any specific preferences so that we can factor that into our recruitment and propose a suitable fit of tutor.

Each family has their own perspective on education and we are of course obliged to follow their lead as our primary job is to propose a tutor whom we feel will fit well with a client’s desired approach. Whilst Bespoke Tuition recognises the importance of high achievement in examinations, we also believe in nurturing a love of learning and building confidence and study skills within our students. A successful assignment in our mind is to see a student walk away brimming with confidence and a personalised learning toolkit alongside better grades. Ultimately, we aim to help students develop their own interest in and understanding of a subject so that they may maximise their enjoyment and realise, or exceed, their potential. Whilst we offer mentors who can offer daily support where required, far from creating a dependence on a tutor, our end goal is to equip students with the tools and techniques they require to discover and refine their own independent way of learning. Bespoke Tuition was established to recognise and cater for the uniqueness of each student in their learning styles, challenges, motivations and potential. This is why we take such time and effort in getting to know our tutors and match them with suitable tutees. Our esteemed team of tutors are at the very heart of our business and we are here to support them as well as our clients every step of the way! Thank you for choosing Bespoke Tuition and we look forward to managing your tuition requirements.

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