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    Hourly Tuition London

    The majority of our tutors permanently reside in London and can offer one to one hourly sessions throughout the school year as well as over holiday periods. Some students benefit from regular weekly sessions during term-time to reinforce schoolwork or challenge gifted students beyond the boundaries of the curriculum; others maximize time over half term and holiday periods with intensive sessions lasting 2-5 hours per day.

    Hourly Tuition Hong Kong

    Bespoke's second largest presence is Hong Kong where we send professional British tutors each academic year. Most of the families we support are expat families whose children attend international schools and need to keep up with their peers back in the UK or US. Emma travels to Hong Kong three times a year to meet with families in person and discuss their tuition requirements. More info

    Home Workshops

    Small groups can provide a motivating space for children to expressly themselves freely and confidently amongst friends. Bespoke's private group workshops allow you to select an interest area, learning objective or skill to be delivered as an active, practical workshop by one of our specialist tutors to a small group of 4-7 students. Our most popular workshops last year were: Poetry in Motion, Mad Science, Study Skills, Essay-Writing, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Critical Thinking, Memory Strategies, Video Story-Telling & The Debating Forum.
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    Next Steps

    1. Select a skill, interest area or learning objective with your child.
    2. Ask other mums at school if their children may be interested.
    3. Let us know of the selected topic, location and pick a date on a weekend, half term or holiday.
    4. Bespoke will then propose a tutor to you for your review via email.
    5. A workshop is customised to suit the pace, level and unique objectives of the students.

    These enriching workshops can last a morning, an afternoon or a full day over a weekend, half term or holiday period. They are designed to help children to take ownership of their studies, think creatively and get inspired in a supportive, fun environment.


    Travelling Tutors

    Whether your family has a home overseas, travels over holiday periods or plans on sailing around the globe, Bespoke Tuition can supply you with a carefully matched one to one professional home tutor wherever and whenever you require. Intensive daily tuition affords the opportunity to really drill down on specific areas, reinforce foundations and extend beyond the school curriculum. Weakness areas are soon addressed, targets put in place and learning consolidated; results are frequently swift.

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    Key benefits

    • Tutor has no other jobs or distractions
    • Rapid and effective progress
    • Daily reinforcement means information is retained!
    • Independent study skills can be developed and refined
    • Optional extension beyond the school syllabus
    • Opportunity for active, practical learning
    • No need to cancel that Easter holiday!
    • Time allows for creative and innovative teaching methods
    • Scope for mentorship
    • Potential warm-up for home-schooling


    We can provide full time schoolteachers who can take full control of a student’s academic studies and devise a bespoke, structured curriculum that will meet short and long-term objectives. We will help students to register and prepare for external exams where relevant. Our tutors can also collaborate with relevant schools to ensure they complement any curriculum and teaching methods that may be applicable for the student.

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    Home-schooling can be a suitable option when

    • aiding the transition between schools, curriculums and countries
    • filling the gap during a wait for a school offer
    • children are struggling with mainstream education
    • unique learning difficulties require bespoke management
    • illness prevents a child from attending a school

    In most cases, the ultimate goal will be to re-integrate the student into mainstream education, having thrived in an individualised learning environment.



    With a Nursery Schools Placement specialist, a Secondary Schools advisor and University/Careers Counsellor, including Oxbridge & US college applications experts, we are well placed to offer a full admissions service. Families may engage our team on specific stages of the process or we can offer a full comprehensive package from shortlisting and visiting schools and universities to applying and successfully gaining a place.

    Creative writing

    We can offer both one-to-one and private group classes at any family home in London. At primary level, popular requests include Fantasy Writing, Character Creation and more exam-focused 7+, 11+ Creative Writing techniques. Our secondary level students have enjoyed Script-Writing, Persuasive Writing, Poetry in Motion and Shakespeare-themed workshops. You choose the location; you choose the content; we provide the workshop!
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    Parent Testimonial:

    “Freddie thoroughly enjoyed the day and is still talking about it! You have somehow switched off his lazy button and I have a motivated, confident writer on my hands!! The course has helped him realise that writing is not as difficult as he thought it was; it has given him more confidence and really stimulated his imagination, thank you!”


    Mock Exams

    Led by a partner company of Bespoke Tuition, our mock exams take place on regular Saturdays before key school entrance exams (7+, 8+, 10+, 11+) at Millbank Academy in Pimlico, London. Bookings made through Bespoke Tuition receive 20% discount. Our partners know exactly what is required to succeed in these exams and will provide parents with crucial insights into a child’s strengths and weaknesses as well as specific advice on how to improve test results.
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    Key benefits

    • Full-length, invigilated exams
    • Maths, English & Reasoning
    • Improve time management
    • All question types covered
    • Accurate reflection of paper layout
    • Each test is unique in content

    “These Mock Exams are a great idea for both parents and children. The detailed feedback report provided us with invaluable insight into our daughter’s level and performance so we could help her prepare in a more efficient and focused manner.”

    ~ Steven, father of 11+ candidate


    Scholarship Preparation

    In support of gifted and talented students, Bespoke runs Scholarship Preparation courses in London over Easter targeting those children aiming for Academic Scholarships at high-achieving schools such as St Pauls, Westminster, Eton & Winchester. The courses last 1-2 days and take place at two locations in Pimlico and Dulwich for groups of 6-8 students.


    Each of our high-achieving tutors specialises in teaching specific subjects, levels, skills as well as learning styles and difficulties. The more information you can provide us with on your requirements and preferences, the better fit of tutor we can provide.





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