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    Hourly Tuition London

    The majority of our tutors permanently reside in London and can offer one to one sessions by the hour (in person or online) throughout the school year as well as over holiday periods. Some students benefit from regular weekly sessions during term-time to reinforce schoolwork or challenge students beyond the boundaries of the curriculum; others maximise time over half term and holiday periods with intensive sessions lasting 2-5 hours per day.

    Hourly Tuition Hong Kong

    Bespoke Tuition's second largest presence is Hong Kong where we recruit hand-picked professional British Tutors from the UK (mostly UK Qualified Teachers) and send them to Hong Kong each academic year. As well as online tuition with our specialist UK tutors, we can therefore offer well matched in person tutors who travel to family homes and deliver tutorials on an hourly basis, as required. Most of the families whom are tutors support are expat families whose children attend international schools and follow a hybrid UK/US/International curriculum. We frequently support students preparing for UK or US School Entrance exams as well as University applications and Oxbridge preparation.

    Online Tutoring

    We were sceptical too... until we saw evidence of repeatedly successful outcomes. Many of our top tutors now exclusively specialise in online tuition, affording students access to specialist tutors, anytime, anywhere. Students can select the medium they feel most comfortable with (skype, zoom, bramble etc.) and our tutors can also provide students with access to interactive whiteboards and the most technologically advanced screen-sharing software. Tutors are still personally matched to each student and children benefit from the academic continuity and security of having their own easily accessible tutor. Many of our clients like to use online tuition as a supplement to in-person and let their children take control of their learning.
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    Affordable: from GBP £40/hr (400 HKD/hr)

    Access to a tutor anytime, anywhere (with an internet connection!)

    Wider choice of professional tutors at all levels

    Access to specialist tutors who are otherwise hard to find

    An accessible way of learning for the generation who love screens!

    Gives the student a sense of responsibility and control of their learning


    Travelling Tutors

    Since our 'Worldwide' service was established in 2010, we have assigned tutors in over 50 countries across 5 continents. Wherever you plan to travel, our Tutors can be accommodated in your home or nearby lodging of your choosing. Rather than a key study period curtailing a holiday, this service can in fact facilitate a trip abroad as it enables students to balance time out with study. Weakness areas are soon addressed, targets put in place and learning consolidated; results are frequently swift. The luxury of having an on-site tutor also allows for extended learning beyond the curriculum, building key study and life skills as well as confidence. This is highly tailored tutoring that results in students walking away with a personalised learning toolkit alongside better grades and an inspired mind.


    For those families considering full-time home-schooling (removing their child from mainstream schooling to tutor them exclusively at home) or flexi-schooling, Bespoke Tuition can provide a professional full service that always begins with a complimentary consultation to discuss options. Our most experienced home-schooling educators are usually ex-schoolteachers who can take full control of a student’s academic studies and devise a bespoke, structured curriculum that will meet both short and long-term objectives. We will help students to register and prepare for external exams where relevant. Our tutors can also collaborate with relevant schools to ensure the home-schooling complements any curriculum and teaching methods that may be applicable to the student.

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    Home-schooling can be a suitable option when:

    • a student transitions between schools, curriculums and countries
    • filling a time period whilst waiting for an offer from schools
    • children do not fit well within mainstream education
    • unique learning difficulties require bespoke education management
    • illness prevents a child from attending a school
    • a family's educational philosophy differs to mainstream schooling
    • a family decides to take a year out and travel the world

    In many cases, the ultimate goal can be to re-integrate the student into mainstream education, having thrived in an individualised learning environment and been given the confidence, tools and strategies to reach his/her academic potential.


    Skill-building Masterclasses

    Our Skill-building Masterclasses for 5-18 year olds delivered by our Bespoke Mentors provide something for everyone. Students can opt for an Introduction to a degree course or career (e.g. a day in the life of a barrister) and gain personal insight from a mentor who has been there, done that. Other classes target specific skills such as problem-solving, essay structure, interview technique or critical thinking. These one to one masterclasses, which can be customised upon request, can take place at your home or online. They can be delivered as a one-off class to spark curiosity or as a series of classes and will always be tailored to the child's age and ability. Less spoon-feeding, more student-led learning = long term, meaningful education!
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    In our eagerness to sign our children up for tuition centres, programmes and camps to provide them with the best possible education, we leave little room for any active, child-centred learning. We then wonder why students lack focus or academic drive at school. The best way to ensure children take more responsibility for their studies is to engage them in active, self-initiated learning rather than prescribe another 'one-size-fits all' curriculum. On these exciting, personalised programmes the student is involved in shaping their own learning experience from the moment he/she selects a topic to master, which is then transformed into a fun, practical and personalised learning experience. For longer durations, we can also offer a choice of excursions so the student is invested in the programme and feels more accountable for the learning process.

    Popular examples: Dyslexia Coping Strategies; Revision Monkey to Revision Master, Mindfulness Tips & Tricks; Chinese Calligraphy; Programming & Coding (How to Build an App in a Day); Personal Poetry and Active Writing (Using Everyday Experiences to Inspire your Writing).


    School Admissions

    With a Nursery/Pre-Prep Schools Placement Consultant (Marina), two Secondary School Placement Consultants (Niall and Lisa) and two US Admissions Specialists (Boomie & Sarah) combining over 100 years of experience, our personable team is well placed to offer a full school admissions service for the UK & US. Whether you are looking at day or boarding, state or independent, co-ed or single sex, we can help you select the right school/college for your child. Families may engage our team on specific stages of the process or we can offer a full comprehensive package from assessing children then shortlisting and visiting schools to applying and successfully gaining a place.
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    Last year our Consultants & Tutors helped students to gain places at numerous academically selective schools including the following: St Pauls, Latymer, Wycombe Abbey, Radley, Sussex House, Windlesham, Oundle, Benenden, Eton, Thomas’, Westminster, Winchester.

    Consultancy can be supplemented by tutoring/mentorship to guide students into the school that is right for them.


    University Admissions

    From selecting the right course to university, our highly qualified team of advisors and tutors can guide students through the decision-making and application process whether students are applying to the UK or US. Our team includes two UK University Placement Consultants, 2 US college applications experts, a tailor-made Oxbridge preparation package (more info) as well as numerous University Mentors who specialise in UCAS/Personal Statement guidance and interview preparation, drawing on their first-hand experience. Our accomplished consultants will help you not only make the right choices but also help you to stand out from the crowd.
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    Last year our Consultants & Tutors helped students to gain places at numerous academically selective Universities and Colleges: Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol, Exeter, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Durham, Warwick, Harvard, Princeton, Duke, Stanford, Brown, U.C. Berkeley, amongst others.


    Oxbridge Masterclass

    Our Oxbridge Masterclass (applicable to students aspiring for a place at all top UK universities) is a highly effective, all-inclusive University Preparation solution created by Oxbridge graduates and subject specialists, supporting ambitious students who are keen to stand out from the crowd in their university application. Providing access to 50+ video tutorials and lectures, students will receive invaluable advice and insider tips on which university (and college if relevant) to choose, which course to study, how to write an Oxbridge level personal statement as well as tips and tricks for standing out at interview. The masterclass modules are all online but students can also opt for some supplementary in person tutorials with our specialist university mentors. If you dream of studying at a prestigious UK university, why not give yourself the best possible chance?

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    500+ past paper questions Advanced TSA Preparation Model answers Video walkthroughs 80+ modules Mental Models 10+ hours of content Unlimited replays 20+ Oxbridge Personal Statements


    Creative Writing

    We can offer both one-to-one and private group classes at any location in London. For international students, we can offer an online Creative Writing course. At primary level, popular requests include Fantasy Writing, Character Creation and more school entrance exam-focused Creative Writing techniques. Our secondary level students have enjoyed Script-Writing, Persuasive Writing, Poetry in Motion and Shakespeare-themed workshops. Course duration and themes are entirely customised to suit the student.
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    Parent Testimonial:

    “Freddie thoroughly enjoyed the day and is still talking about it! You have somehow switched off his lazy button and I have a motivated, confident writer on my hands!! The course has helped him realise that writing is not as difficult as he thought it was; it has given him more confidence and really stimulated his imagination, thank you!”



    Exam targets, challenging friendships and an expectation to uphold a presence on social media are just some of the reasons why more and more young people suffer with worry, anxiety and irregular sleep. Mindfulness offers us an opportunity to relate differently to the ups and downs that life throws us and supports us in developing more effective coping strategies. Over a programme of 6 weeks (bespoke duration upon request), we have Qualified Mindfulness specialists in both London & Hong Kong who can offer a once weekly course with an after-school weekday or weekend option. Young people will learn and explore the basic principles of mindfulness and techniques that they can apply to daily life to help them handle daily pressures.
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    • Reduced stress and anxiety
    • Reduced rumination
    • Increased attention and concentration
    • Increased calm and happiness
    • Increased emotional balance
    • More positive relationships

    One of our Mindfulness specialists, Edward, is a UK Qualified Teacher (PGCE) with a 1st Class MA in Engineering. Ed has taught Maths, Engineering and DT in schools since 2008, winning a National Award ‘Teach First Garnet Award’ for Excellence in STEM subjects. Qualified through the ‘Mindfulness in Schools’ project, Ed is qualified to teach Mindfulness and trained with City and Hackney Mind to deliver 8-week programmes to pupils in London.

    "Mindfulness means being awake. It means knowing what you are doing.”  ― Jon Kabat-Zinn


    Study Skills

    Our Study Skills specialist, Paula (BSc & Executive Functioning Training in the UK) has been a Tutor/Mentor in London & Hong Kong for the last 10 years. Originally trained in Child Psychology, Paula has extensive experience supporting children from 5-18 years, inclusive of those with SEN. Having received specialist training from both Educational Specialists and Clinical Psychologists, Paula is a qualified Academic Coach, targeting the development of Executive Functioning skills. Using this training, she offers a 6-8 week programme to students in-person in London on days/times to suit the student or a bespoke online course via skype for international students.
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    • Time management
    • Concentration in class
    • Essay planning
    • High standard homework completion
    • Exam performance
    • Confidence & proactive mentality

    Age range: 11 years and above

    Paula offers interested parents a complimentary 30 minute consultation (telephone or in-person) to discuss a student's unique challenges and how the Executive Function course could be delivered to address the child’s difficulties.


    Mock Exams

    Led by a partner company of Bespoke Tuition, our mock exams take place on regular Saturdays before key school entrance exams (7+, 8+, 10+, 11+) at Millbank Academy in Pimlico, London. Bookings made through Bespoke Tuition receive 20% discount. Our partners know exactly what is required to succeed in these exams and will provide parents with crucial insights into a child’s strengths and weaknesses as well as specific advice on how to improve test results.
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    Key benefits

    • Full-length, invigilated exams
    • Maths, English & Reasoning
    • Improve time management
    • All question types covered
    • Accurate reflection of paper layout
    • Each test is unique in content

    “These Mock Exams are a great idea for both parents and children. The detailed feedback report provided us with invaluable insight into our daughter’s level and performance so we could help her prepare in a more efficient and focused manner.”

    ~ Steven, father of 11+ candidate


    Scholarship Preparation

    In support of gifted and talented students, Bespoke runs Scholarship Preparation courses in London over Easter targeting those children aiming for Academic Scholarships at high-achieving schools such as St Pauls, Westminster, Eton & Winchester. The courses last 1-2 days and take place at two locations in Pimlico and Dulwich for groups of 6-8 students.

    Language Homestays

    Our Language Homestays offer students a holistic learning adventure in a home from home environment. The student travels to the tutor's home country to be hosted by them and benefit from an immersive educational experience that incorporates a mix of classic desk-based study and educational field trips. As with all of Bespoke's programmes, homestays are one to one and can be tailored to all school ages. Not only will students receive an intensive language boost but they will also discover the joys of learning outside of the classroom. Bespoke currently has Tutor Homestays available in the UK, Spain, France, Italy and the USA from major cities such as London and New York to coastal port cities like Valencia. Tutor homestays can last a long weekend or 1-4 weeks.

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    • A confidence-building experience that builds independence and curiosity
    • Outings are tailored to personal interests and objectives
    • Giving a choice of excursions results in intrinsically motivated students
    • Active, real life learning that is fun, personalised and motivating
    • Holistic learning: galleries, museums, cookery, film nights, animal sanctuaries
    • Excursion learning draws on the geographical/historical/artistic/natural and scientific aspects of a local environment

    We recognise the apprehension parents will feel in sending their children away to live in another home and carefully select professional, patient and fully vetted Tutors/Mentors who can create a ‘home from home’ environment for students. A parent or guardian may accompany the student if necessary. If your child needs a dose of academic vigour and inspiration, this could be for him/her!



    Each of our high-achieving tutors specialises in teaching specific subjects, levels, skills as well as learning styles and difficulties. The more information you can provide us with on your requirements and preferences, the better fit of tutor we can provide.





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