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    Whether your family has a home overseas or plans on sailing around the globe, Bespoke Tuition can supply you with a carefully matched one to one professional home tutor wherever and whenever you require. Intensive daily tuition affords the opportunity to really drill down on specific areas and bridge gaps. Weakness areas are soon addressed, targets put in place and learning reinforced; results are frequently swift.

    Key advantages:

    • Academic continuity whilst abroad
    • Intensive, fast track tutoring solution
    • Full time use of a tutor who isn’t distracted by other jobs
    • Rapid and effective progress
    • Daily reinforcement means information is retained!
    • Study skills can be developed and refined
    • Optional extension beyond the school syllabus
    • Opportunity for experiential learning – taking learning away from the desk
    • No need to cancel that Easter holiday!
    • Time allows for creative and innovative teaching methods
    • Scope for mentorship
    • Potential warm-up for homeschooling


    Since 2010, our residential tutors have accompanied families to a range of locations from cottages in Devon to safari lodges in Kenya, lakeside cabins in Canada and yachts around the world. Our carefully chosen “travelling tutors” work anytime, anywhere, to ensure academic continuity whilst a student is abroad.


    Tutors can either live-in with families or be accommodated in nearby lodging.


    Asssignments can last anything between 1 week and a whole academic year. The tuition schedule is set by the family but the tutor usually spends anywhere between 10-30 hours per week tutoring. Having an exclusive tutor means that plans can change, play dates can be arranged at the last minute and schedules can be adjusted, since the tutor will always be on hand to conduct tutorials when required.

    Case Studies



    9 weeks (September/October)

    Exam preparation for CIE English Language and AS Level German


    British/Indian family with children home-schooled on national tiger reserve in India

    3 months (September-December, Christmas term)

    Year 2 and Year 4 full time home-schooling in English/Maths/Science and mentorship

    Hong Kong

    British expat family; children schooled in Hong Kong

    August-February (6 months)

    11+ preparation for Wycombe Abbey and Cheltenham Ladies; general homework/study skills support for 2 younger boys


    British/Chinese family; children schooled in Singapore

    10 weeks, summer holidays

    Primary specialist/mentor required to support both children. Creative educational play for boy who will eventually sit 11+ for Radley and Tonbridge.

    The Hamptons

    British/American family with children schooled in UK

    8 weeks (summer holidays) at second home in The Hamptons

    General learning enrichment and study skills development for two children


    British family; children schooled in Kenya with holiday home in Tanzania

    2 weeks (Christmas holidays)

    *Two girls requiring support in English, Maths and Science as well as general confidence-building and study skills. Year 5 reinforcement of key subjects; Year 7 preparation for General Scholarship to Stowe./

    Dubai/Abu Dhabi/Lagos

    Lagos family; children schooled in UK

    6 weeks’ travel with family

    13+ test preparation; Year 5 preparation for girl to Sevenoaks/St Swithuns/St Mary’s Calne; Year 6 preparation for boy to Wellington/Rugby.


    Italian/British family with multiple homes; children schooled in UK

    Half term and holiday periods: travel with family between Italy, Lagos, London and Whistler

    Girls in Year 6 and Year 8 attend boarding school in UK Assist Year 8 girl with 13+ CE preparation; assist Year 6 girl with transition from American to British Curriculum


    Lagos family; children schooled in UK with second home in Minnesota

    August (4 weeks)

    13+ preparation for Benenden and Downe House. The student has visuo-spatial difficulties with dyscalculic tendencies. She has slow processing speed and requires intensive support with maths and science.


    French-Canadian family living in Hong Kong with summer cottage in Quebec

    July and August (8 weeks)

    Support with boy’s Grade 12 "Advanced Functions” Mathematics correspondence course Focus on Calculus to build confidence for new academic year. General support for girl’s Grade 9 Maths.


    British expat family; children schooled in Singapore until relocation back to UK Summer holiday British curriculum focused tuition

    July (3 weeks each summer) Girls in Year 3 and Year 5

    11+ preparation for Wycombe Abbey, St Mary's Calne & Cheltenham Ladies; focus on time management, mental maths methods and VR/NVR

    Hong Kong

    Chinese family; boy schooled in Hong Kong

    August-December, Christmas term (3 months)

    Home-schooling for 16 year old boy in Grade 12 suffering from anxiety/depression/ADHD; full time A level English Literature, History, Government & Politics tuition; essay writing skills; prioritization of workload; time management; mentorship

    Hong Kong

    Chinese family; four children schooled in Hong Kong

    August-February (7 months)

    6 year old twins (general support); 9 year old boy needs challenging in Maths and general learning enrichment; 11 year old boy is focus and requires support in English skills: reading comprehension, writing, punctuation, vocabulary; Humanities; SSAT application support and effective study techniques


    British family relocating to Ibiza mid-school year

    April/May/June (3 month summer term)


    British family holidaying in Bali

    Easter holidays

    12 year old girl at school in Singapore requiring UK 13+ preparation, particularly Creative Writing, for entrance to Sevenoaks


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