International school gap-filling





8 & 11 year old children at ESF

Main Objectives:

1. Understand where both children stand
2. Identify and address gaps so they are 'on track'.
3. Help students establish a structured method of study
4. Prepare for possible school assessments in the next 12-24 months
5. Help them become responsible, organised and engaged students
6. Develop critical thinking skills and the ability to articulate thoughts clearly

“Extremely professional agency which, in a matter of literally 48 hours, working over the weekend, managed to identify and secure the Maths teacher we needed for our daughter currently in Year 7.
Bespoke Tuition asks the parent / guardian a number of preliminary questions which help identify the issue(s) to address with a student, as well as the profile of the student, amongst others, with such information framing the search for a teacher with the right academic and EQ skillset. In our case, the teacher in question, Megan, is a long-time Maths teacher who teaches the identical curriculum as the one my daughter is following – as such, they speak the same language. This is not all however – Megan is a very good judge of character and picked up very quickly how to handle a Year 7 student to encourage and guide her to the next level or two of performance. Megan commands respect without needing to appear authoritative, and without inviting familiarity – a challenging balancing act. Megan clearly knows the curriculum inside out and in a space of one lesson identified my daughter’s strengths and improvement areas. Megan has also taught my daughter non-verbal reasoning classes – again, same approach, same outcome – a high quality teacher working with a high-quality private tuition firm.”

International school parent of 8 & 11 year old children (Google Review).

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