Residential Tuition around the World


The Brief

"We are taking our girls out of school next year to travel. We are looking for a travel tutor from September 2023 to June 2024 to travel with us. Our goal is to ensure they meet their current school curriculum milestones plus adding more experiential learning that really focuses on the locations we are visiting. At the time of travel, they will be 9 and 12. Our current plan is to start three months in Oxfordshire, return home to Virginia for a month, Thailand in January / February, Virginia for March, Japan for April/May (but may split with Europe/Japan) and return to Virginia in June."

The Tutor

John has a BA in English Language and Literature from Oxford and a Master’s in Irish Writing from Trinity College Dublin.
"Working as a personal tutor is one of the most rewarding experiences- not only when a student’s grades improve but when you start to see their changing attitude to the course of study. In all the tutoring I do, I try to pass on my enthusiasm and passion for the English language, for all its tricky code and wonderful potential. Instead of a didactic relationship, as a younger tutor, I try to build a rapport with all my students, as I often find that building a working friendship with my student is the strongest foundation on which to build engagement and desire to improve. As every student is different, I have often needed to change and adapt my approach according to the specific circumstance and personality of the student. I always relish the personal challenge of uncovering what style of learning is best suited to a pupil. I pride my tutoring on the visible improvements in confidence and ability of all my pupils.”

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