Residential Tuition in South of France



A family based on a vineyard in the South of France sought an inspiring tutor to give their son the tools, skills and strategies to gain successful entrance to Wellington College, and hit the ground running, having attended local school in France to date.


The intention was to engage long term support to enable the tutor and student to build up a relationship across once weekly online tuition sessions with occasional in-person residentials in France over holiday periods.


An 11 year old boy attending a local school in France aiming for entrance to Wellington College for Year 9 2025. The family sought a kind tutor with high integrity and a sense of playfulness, who could motivate and inspire their son with his academics as he works towards his entrance to Wellington. The student mainly required support with his English writing; whilst he could read and speak English well, he had not done so much writing which would impact his start at a UK boarding school. He also required study skills development from critical thinking to logic, reasoning etc.


Bespoke Tuition chose a bilingual English-French, IB-educated tutor to support this student with a shared love of the outdoors, sports and an active lifestyle with the student. Samuel went to Sevenoaks then Oxford (First Class degree in Geography) before pursuing a Master of Arts in Human Geography at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, as a Scholar. We had previously assigned Samuel on residential tutoring assignments in Finland, Hong Kong, Lagos and Malta, all with resounding success.


The student gained successful entrance to Wellington College and the family described Samuel as an increasingly beloved part of the family... "We were all so grateful to have met Samuel and he really felt like more than a tutor for us. My son so enjoyed working with Samuel and I might say that he even looked forward to it. I attach a photo we took this summer so that Samuel's parents can know what joy and motivation he brought to the life of the little guys he inspired."

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