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    Founded and established in 2010, Bespoke Tuition’s home is London with offices in Fulham and Mayfair. Over 75% of our tutors reside in London and offer hourly tutorials within family homes. We have personally interviewed and vetted 500+ tutors yet retain an exclusive core team of around 50 tutors. Receiving applications from tutors on a daily basis and interviewing only 15% of them, Bespoke Tuition’s highly selective recruitment process ensures that we retain the very best tutors. Each tutor specialises in certain subjects, age groups, exams/tests and study skills or disabilities. When a family requests a tutor, we conduct a personalised search and then propose a tutor by email for the family’s review who matches the academic needs, objectives, learning style and interests of the student. A trial session then takes place at the family home to ensure a good personality fit.

    SME Awards


    • Photograph of tutor
    • Subject, level and age specialisms
    • Academic background: schools/awards/grades
    • Agency's comments having met the tutor in person
    • Testimonials from parents who have hired the tutor
    • Case studies of previous assignments
    • Personal message as written by tutor
    • Personal interests and hobbies of the tutor

    London Tuition Options

    1. HOURLY IN-PERSON TUITION: Home-based one to one tutoring by the hour

    2. LONDON HOSTING PROGRAMME: Student is hosted by one of our London Tutors for 1-4 weeks

    3. ONLINE TUTORING: Tuition is delivered online using skype & interactive whiteboards


    • Telephone/Skype/in-person meet to discuss needs
    • Detailed job specification drawn up by Emma
    • Tutor is sourced to fit brief
    • Profile is sent for Client review with bespoke quote
    • Client may speak with Tutor before booking a trial
    • Trial takes place to assess student and set targets
    • Sessions continue with objectives regularly revised
    • Monthly report provided and constant support

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