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Looking for an experienced, well-matched academic tutor by the hour? By the week? Full time?

Whilst our main hubs for hourly tuition are in the UK and Hong Kong, Bespoke Tuition provides personally matched, expert British Tutors (both in-person and online) for discerning families with exacting standards across the globe, from the shores of Cornwall to Australia, on a part time hourly, weekly or full time homeschooling basis. Far from a faceless tutoring directory, our goal is to develop close relationships with both families and tutors who share one point of contact only. Whether it be UK 11+ school entrance prep, US SAT prep, or writing a Personal Statement for a Quantum Physics degree, academic goals are swiftly achieved with the personalised support offered by our exclusive team of hand-picked, fully vetted and elite Private Tutors. Since every child learns differently, we believe in a bespoke education that centres around confidence building, nurturing potential and learning how to learn alongside what to learn. Our goal is to offer enriching, one to one academic support that inspires confident, motivated and independent thinkers from school students to adult learners.


Hong Kong


“Say goodbye to drills, spoon feeding and rote learning – this company is all about nurturing curiosity, drawing out imaginations and fostering independent thought.”

Good Schools Guide Review 2021

“Thank you again for coming forward in our time of need. Andras was a perfect fit, so I’m thrilled to see that the Bespoke Tuition matchmaking ‘algorithm’ is still at superstar status!”


Parent of two boys in UK & Hong Kong

“We have nothing but good things to say about our experience with Bespoke Tuition. When we contacted them to explore options for full time tuition for our 4 young children in Hong Kong, Emma professionally took us through our various options and the tutors available, their backgrounds and experience and the best fit for our family. We initially had a temporary tutor who was great and since September 2020 have had a wonderful full time tutor.”

Homeschooling Parent

Lantau Island, Hong Kong

“A now-highly acclaimed children’s author came and filled my child’s head with imaginative ways to learn and took her off to things like pottery when we were busy. She was quite honestly the most inspiring person I’ve ever met and she influenced my child so much that we still talk about her.’” Read full Case Study


Katie, mother of 2 girls, whom Bespoke Tuition provides with regular Residential Tutors over half terms

“Erika is not an avid reader to say the least, and she still insisted on continuing tutoring sessions during the summer and even while we were on vacation.”

Kelli N

Mother of 14 year old