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    01. Does the tuition take place at home?

    02. Do your tutees have minimum/maximum age limits?

    03. What geographical areas do you cover?

    04. How many tutors do you have on a regular basis?

    05. How do we know what the tutors at Bespoke Tuition are like before we book them?

    06. What is the average age of your tutors?

    07. How do you select your tutors?

    08. Do your tutors need minimum qualifications/experience?

    09. What references do you require? What vetting procedures do you undertake?

    10. What resources do your tutors use?

    11. Does Bespoke Tuition have a universal style of teaching?

    12. What drives your tutors?

    13. How do I know that your tutors are good?

    14. How do you retain your tutors?

    15. What are your charges including VAT?

    16. What is the payment procedure?

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