Why I became a Private Tutor

As written by Charlotte D who attended Westminster School before attaining a First Class Honours in BA History of Art and a Merit in her Masters from the Courtauld Institute of Art. Charlotte has tutored since 2012 in London and on holiday with private families.

Inspired by my own experiences in education, my passion for learning and desire to support others, I decided to become a private tutor almost 10 years ago.

I was diagnosed with a brain tumour when I was 13 years old and as a result I missed about a year’s worth of school. In that year, my education was a combination of home schooling by my mother, private tutoring and teaching myself via schoolbooks and online resources. Despite missing formal education for a year, at the end of my Year 9 exams, I placed within the top 10 students in my year. It was this experience that taught me the importance of learning in a way that suits you; for instance, while undergoing radiotherapy and on steroids, I had to adapt my work schedule to accommodate for treatments and reduced energy levels. I am partially sighted and upon returning to school I was repeatedly offered enlarged texts and worksheets; many of my teachers were determined that this was what was best for me, as it is what is recommended for visually impaired students, however my visual impairment means I have no peripheral vision and so enlarging text makes it harder to me to read and slows down my processing speed significantly. I repeatedly had to ask teachers and examiners to not give me enlarged media, which was not only frustrating but made me feel like I wasn’t being listened to or my needs taken seriously. My experience as a teenager with a disability greatly inspires me as a tutor; not only do I want to help others succeed in reaching their goals, but I think private tutoring is a great way to help children feel heard and supported, and help them grow in confidence. Since becoming a tutor in 2012, I have made every effort to tailor my tutorials to best suit a specific child; by listening to them, watching how they instinctively approach problems and giving them the time and encouragement they need, I have helped many children reach their full potential and grow in confidence.  It has been very rewarding helping my students discover their best way to learn, that not only makes the most of their skills and personality, but also that inspires them to want to keep learning and achieve.

Charlotte has spent years volunteering as a teacher at Westminster Abbey, London

I’ve always enjoyed learning and academics; I attended Westminster School in London and Ioved the academic focus of the school and thrived in this environment. While studying, I volunteered in the Schools & Education department of Westminster Abbey and realised a passion for working with children. I continued to volunteer at the Abbey through my BA and MA in History of Art at the Courtauld Institute of Art, as well as at the corresponding departments of St. Paul’s and the Royal Society of Sculptors. I had always taken a very academic approach to my studies and I relished the challenge of adapting formal learning to create creative and engaging activities for young children. After discussing this interest in education and working with children with a relative of mine, who was also a tutor, I became a private tutor in April 2012. Not only have I helped students improve their grades and gain access to leading schools and universities, but I’ve helped children build their confidence and spark an interest in learning so that they enjoy and want to continue to discover things beyond their schooling.

Charlotte can be available for hourly tutorials upon request. Email: to request her full profile.

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