How to inspire a reluctant learner

As written by Maxine E, a fully qualified UK teacher, and private tutor offering academic support and mentorship in English, Art and Study Skills. Maxine has taught in both Primary and Secondary schools in

2 biggest myths about the IB

Over the years, the IB has given rise to many myths and misconceptions. If you have ever wondered how to guide your child to avoid the most common pitfalls, then please continue reading! This

How to boost creativity

(and keep brains stimulated over the holidays or lockdown!) A love of learning, sense of resourcefulness and pursuit of creativity are some of the greatest gifts we can pass  on

Top Revision Tips

Key Revision Strategies, Tips & Tools to give yourself the edge in assessments or exams… Regardless of lockdowns and exam shake-ups, at regular points in a student’s life, revision skills will play a fundamental

Reflections On PGCE Training

As written by Charlotte J, PGCE, MA (First) I enrolled in a PGCE (post-graduate certificate in education) at The Institute of Education to teach English in secondary schools in 2013,

Dyslexia: 10 Teaching Techniques

In an education system that focuses on the basics of reading and writing and rote learning, a dyslexic student’s strengths and abilities can often be suppressed and self-esteem lowered. But if that student can

Children Are Snowflakes

What you need to know about the psycho-educational assessment and what you don’t, according to child development psychologist Adele Monsef I accept, begrudgingly, that we exist in an exam driven culture and while A*s

Life as a Tutor in Hong Kong

First-hand insight from a tutor assigned in Hong Kong by Bespoke Tuition, supporting students with home tuition on an hourly basis at family homes Tutored since: 2008 Tutored wide age range from

Oxbridge Admissions: STEM subjects

First-hand insight from a Cambridge graduate and experienced tutor Admissions to STEM based subjects at Oxbridge are undoubtedly competitive. Added to the high academic barrier to entry, is the perceived

Travelling Tutors

A post-Covid remedy to 2020’s education misadventure? “The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The realist adjusts the sails.“ WILLIAM ARTHUR WARD With travel off-limits